RFL wants your nomination to acknowledge an RFL Alumni. This alumnus is someone that is performing community leadership that is putting themselves out there for the community and using RFL principles the best way they know how.   

Include the following information in the nomination submission below which is also the criteria for the award are:

  • Resident or part-time resident of the Roaring Fork Valley or Colorado River Valley; Is a 1-year RFL Alumnus
    1. One year gives the alumnus time to practice the RFL lessons and also has had time to come into their own as an RFL leader.
  • Sets a leadership example within the community.
    1. Examples could be starts a non-profit, volunteers frequently in the community, is on a local community/gov’t/nonprofit board, and/or of quiet leadership (behind the scenes)
  • Demonstrates RFL principles through the application.
    1. Provide an example that demonstrates the RFL practices you have observed from this person.
  • Provides inspiration to others to do more in their community/organization/RFL (Ripple Effect)

Nomination deadline: April 26, 2018

Award Given: May 31, 2018 at the 30th Anniversary Celebration

Leading the Way Award Nomination Form

The second award will honor those RFL alumni that have had a lifetime of leadership within our community.  The nomination process for the 2018 Distinguished Leader award will be made internally by the Board.  Criteria the Board will use include the following:

  • An alumnus who has made significant contributions for the betterment of the Roaring Fork Valley and/or Colorado River Valley communities through their day to day actions, their professional life and volunteering efforts
  • Associated or contributed significantly to the betterment of RFL
  • An all-around inspiring role model with outstanding achievements in his/her chosen profession or community work.
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