Looking back on the past 10 months, is in some ways surreal. I have been given the opportunity to face my fears and truly learn my strengths with likeminded people that have take an interest in my growth and my learning of how I can be a better me.

I can say that my biggest take away is that I am no longer afraid to admit that I may need to change, but I also now know that I am not responsible to change others. This is how I have transformed into a more thoughtful, reflective, and intrinsically motivated leader and am now living my Leadership stand to be an engaging, self-expressed collaborator.

Its not about me being right or wrong or how that makes me feel, my transformation has lead me to a place where I am learning and experiencing the journey of life instead of constantly worrying why I still feel that I haven’t arrived.

It has been really weird to have these moments of clarity, mostly in private meetings with employees, and thinking’s to myself-how do I get this person to see the part they are playing, and in the instant of thinking the word “get” I correct myself and say how can I “help” this person see the party they are playing. To relinquish the responsibility of controlling others and to instead take ownership of being in control of myself is immensely empowering.

I am truly humbled by this program. The tools I have been awarded in the past 10 month will stay with me forever, and have helped me to overcome my biggest fears, and pull back some layers that I though would never get aired again.

Because of this program, I have experienced and learned the true meaning of “self”, and express my deepest thanks to Andrea Palm-Porter, my civic project teammates & coaches, and all of the 2019 RFL leadership trainings.