[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Grand Ave. Sweets in Glenwood Springs and the Mammoth would like to recognize Andrea Palm-Porter as the Sweet Person for the month of January. Listen now. 

“It is really cool to be the Sweet Person of the Month,” Palm-Porter said.

Andrea is the Executive Director of Roaring Fork Leadership and was nominated by Marianne Virgili of the Glenwood Springs Chamber and Resort Association.

“I think she is an extremely exuberant leader of Roaring Fork Leadership and she makes running a non-profit look easy and I know it isn’t easy to do that job,” Virgili said about why she nominated Palm-Porter.

RFL has been in the valley since 1988. 

“We meet on a monthly basis and develop personal and professional leadership skills. So the idea is that the forty people that we put through the program each year that graduate, will then give back to the community in that leadership capacity,” Palm-Porter said.

Contribution is just part of being apart of a community.

I think that we all here in the valley to contribute in one way or another. It starts with yourself and then goes out into your family and then into your organization and then to your community. Everybody makes a difference and contributes to this community and I think thats what motivates me in continuing the cycle of giving of myself and being that role-model for others which contributes to being a leader in our community, Palm-Porter said.

Bringing people together is another talent of Andrea’s.

“I think she brings to the Glenwood Springs community, a sense of the future and inspiration for young leaders, (as well as) collaboration, because RFL is all about collaborating leaders throughout the Roaring Fork Valley and the power of collaboration. She is really good at bringing those people together and inspiring them to do great things,”  Virgili said.

Palm-Porter said it really begins with integrity.

“One of the main things that comes from leadership is integrity and living in integrity and just being true to yourself and true to others. What integrity is to me is your word, honoring your word and that really defines who you are as a person and what you give back as well,” Palm-Porter said.