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Finding your North Star Amidst Crisis: Presented by Susan Harig

We’ve been conditioned to look at the world through a glass and whether it is half empty or half full.  In this time of pandemic, perhaps it is time to think about whether or not we’re looking through the right glass.

Values and purpose are the anchors by which we make decisions, build relationships, find success in work and play, and the lens we view the world.  With the upheaval in families, schools, communities and jobs, now is the time to reflect on your purpose and values and consider how they guide you amidst the Coronavirus storm.

At the end of the hour together, you will have clarity and direction on how to find (or rediscover) the purpose and values you hold dear which will stay with you through this and future storms.

Susan Harig: Director of Engagement and Development, Aspen Skiing Company. 

As Director of Engagement and Development at one of the most highly regarded and values-led organizations in the ski industry, Susan dedicates her time to finding ways to enrich the lives of employees.  Her career began as a junior high school teacher, transitioned to teaching anger management to incarcerated men and women, and developing leadership capability in herself and others in the casinos of Las Vegas.  Throughout her journey, she has witnessed the impact great and not-so-great leaders have on those they serve.  As a result, she has found her purpose in helping leaders  discover their unique gifts and abilities which translates to a meaningful work life for employees.

Seven years ago, Susan and her husband Jeff left the bright lights and big city of Las Vegas, NV to raise their son Tillman in a place where he could climb trees, ski, bike, hike, and pretty much else that allowed him to go fast, take risks, and learn by doing.

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