See the organizations RFL has worked with and impact RFL has had over the years through our Civic Projects. For RFL Academy 2018, we are worked on the following projects and community initiatives:

Project/Organization Submitter: Aspen Strong Foundation

Project Name: Mental Health Resource Availability & Awareness

Project Description: Aspen Strong works to connect our community with the mental health resources available. We work to centralize mental health resources and inspire a movement in the valley that promotes healthy community dialogue where suicide is recognized as preventable and mental hygiene is supported. Our hope is for the RFL team to help Aspen Strong build new partnerships. Aspen Strong has three types of partnerships:

  1. Screening partners: organizations in the valley that promote our screening initiative to their consumers and/or staff to boost our efforts of promoting mental hygiene.
  2. Community Partnerships:  partnering organizations that fiscally support Aspen Strong efforts as well as promote Aspen Strong messaging around good mental hygiene to their organization and the valley.
  3. Aspen Strong Providers: individuals or organizations supporting mental wellness listed in the Aspen Strong Provider Directory – an online, searchable database.

By increasing partnerships, we will also increase the exposure of our website, our directory and our screenings so that more people can access the mental health support they need.

Project/Organization Submitter: Roaring Fork School District

Project Name: Capstone Community Experts for Roaring Fork School District

Project Description: Engage/inspire community members (with a database) interested in mentoring high schools seniors during their capstones’ process. (having a real-world experience outside of the classroom) Requested tasks: Recruiting community members, tracking contact information, categorizing availability times and dates, clearance information, expertise areas and so on, for all 3 RE-1 high schools.

Project/Organization Submitter: Rocky Mountain Farmers Union

Project Name:  Food Security/Colorado Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute Volunteer

Project Description: Help develop a strategic plan to ensure the Roaring Fork Valley’s “food security” with the Colorado Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute and other stakeholders by building and establishing a total of 100 fully operating geodesic growing domes throughout the Roaring Fork Valley. Provide guidance on the initial steps of identifying strategic and best locations for the geodesic growing dome (greenhouse), costs, benefits to the public community, and full scope long-term project planning with actionable steps over the course of a set amount of time.

Project/Organization Submitter: Carbondale Mountain Fair

Project Name: Mountain Fair Green Team

Project Description: The intent of the volunteer-powered Mountain Fair Green Team is to compost, reuse and recycle as much waste as possible at the annual Carbondale Mountain Fair, while utilizing the program infrastructure as a model for youth volunteerism, community sustainability education and zero waste principles.

Project/Organization Submitter: Ross Montessori School

Project Name: Ross Montessori School Capstone

Project Description: RMS students want the RMS garden’s bounty to go to families needing fresh fruits and vegetables. We are seeking assistance from RFL to develop a program which will put these nutritious fruits and vegetables on the tables of families who need it through enrollment, screening, and distribution.

Project/Organization Submitter: Social Bridge/GlenX

Project Name: Rural Community Prosperity

Project Description: Work with Social Bridge to help foster educational innovation and business incubation for a prosperous future in our Valley, through hands-on entrepreneurial bootcamps and a startup Launch competition (culminating in a startup pitch event to investors on March 7th).

-Collaborate with weekly programming to supplement the entrepreneurial bootcamp courses for adults and students.

-Help orchestrate the startup competition and pitch event that investors/donors will be awarding best innovations to come from high school students and professionals in our valley.

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