Class of 2018

  • Alix Feeley
    Alix Feeley Class of 2018, Front of House Supervisor, Wheeler Opera House

    Alix graduated with a B.A. from Oberlin College, an institution which has strong ties to the Aspen community and spurred her travels west. Prior to becoming a full-time RFV resident, Alix perfected sewing straight lines and educating friends on alternative menstrual products with her local chapter of Days For Girls. Ever looking for opportunities to invest in self and community, RFL came onto her radar last year and she is thrilled to be a member of the 2018 class. Over the course of this program, Alix is most interested in learning how to turn the uncomfortable aspects of conflict and discourse into effective management and communication moments.

  • Amy Denicke
    Amy Denicke Class of 2018, Founder and Doctor of Chiropractic and Functional Health Care, Core Flex Chiropractic

    Amy graduated from Life University as a Doctor of Chiropractic. She enjoys volunteering with Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers and Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association building trails that she loves to recreate on.  Amy is interested in RFL to become a solid leader in the community and in business. Amy is excited to implement her new leadership skills in both her professional and personal life.

  • Austin Klise
    Austin Klise Class of 2018, Project Manager, Bluetent

    Austin is a Project Manager at Bluetent Marketing. He has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Gonzaga University. He’s involved in a number of community organizations. He leads a youth group at St. Stephen’s in Glenwood and has helped on a Habitat for Humanity, IMBA, and Roaring Outdoor Volunteer projects. Austin was drawn to the RFL program to improve his leadership style and work with the movers and shakers in the Roaring Fork Valley.

  • Ben Anderson
    Ben Anderson Class of 2018, Land Use Planner, City of Aspen

    Ben received a BA in History and English from Indiana University and an MS in Planning from the University of Arizona. After 15 years as a high school social studies teacher, he shifted careers and is now a land use planner with the City of Aspen. He is a tutor with English in Action and as a relatively new transplant to the Roaring Fork Valley is looking for opportunities to become further woven into the fabric of the community. Ben looks forward to better understanding organizations and strategies for better communication, team building, and getting to know other aspiring leaders.

  • Ben Ferrara
    Ben Ferrara Class of 2018, Procurement & Contract Manager, Pitkin County

    Ben graduated from Marquette University with a degree in Business Administration, majoring in Accounting and Supply Chain and Operations. Ben has volunteered in many areas, most notably as a basketball coach in Denver.  Ben was intrigued by RFL and its focus on civil and professional leadership.  Ben looks forward to utilizing the skills learned through RFL in his personal and professional life.

  • Beth Held
    Beth Held Class of 2018, Senior Project Manager, Forum Phi Architecture

    Beth received a Bachelor of Art in Sustainable Architecture from Western State Colorado University and a Master of Architecture & Master of Science in Historic Preservation from the University of Colorado Denver.

    Her community involvement includes trail maintenance with Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers and Forum Phi’s pro-bono design work for the Town of Basalt’s Master Plan, Aspen Historical Society, Aspen Center for Environmental Sciences, and Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club.

    She is interested in participating in the RFL program to enhance her personal relationships and to develop professional leadership skills. She is excited for the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals in the Roaring Fork Valley who will encourage her personal growth.

  • Bryan Ward
    Bryan Ward Class of 2018, Head of IT, 5028 Footwear
    Bryan holds a degree in Computer Information Systems from James Madison University.  He moved to the valley in 2017 and looks forward to making a positive impact in the months and years to come.  He hopes that through the RFL program he will be able to network with influential people in the valley and get involved in projects to benefit the community.  When not working, Bryan can be found on the slopes, on his mountain bike, or playing his guitar.
  • Caitlin Carey
    Caitlin Carey Class of 2018, Paralegal J.D., Karp New Hanlon, P.C.

    Caitlin was born in Birmingham, Alabama and graduated from Auburn University (BS) and Birmingham School of Law (J.D.). She has lived in the Roaring Fork Valley since 2013 and has a 5-year-old son, John Everett, who is the love of her life!

    She is an avid trail runner and skier and enjoys all things outside. She has also taken up photographing the beautiful valley and has a heart for empowering women to believe in themselves and to know they can do anything. She is a huge Auburn fan and can be found most weekends in the fall with the game on TV or in her earbuds.

  • Cara Haugan
    Cara Haugan Class of 2018, Operations Specialist, Alpine Bank

    Cara has lived in the Roaring Fork Valley since 1986.  She received her BA in Economics from the University of California at Santa Barbara.  and has worked for Alpine Bank for 20 years.  She has served on the board of the Little Red Schoolhouse and her homeowners’ association.  She joined RFL to enhance her leadership skills and make a difference in the community.

  • Charlotte Rose Edwards
    Charlotte Rose Edwards Class of 2018, Office & Transaction Manager, Coldwell Banker Mason Morse

    Charlotte graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Business Finance.  After a career working in the Banking industry, she relocated to the Roaring Fork Valley, where she has lived for the past 30 years.  As a “life-long learner”, she has continued her education at Colorado Mountain College in both the Isaacson School of New Media and Veterinary Technology programs. Charlotte has most recently volunteered with Project Graduation Aspen and Windwalkers therapeutic riding program in her efforts to give back to the community. Charlotte looks forward to RFL with hopes of developing more effective leadership skills, expanding community connections and broadening opportunities to mindfully give back.

  • Corey Mineo
    Corey Mineo Class of 2018, Council Member for the Colorado Developmental Disability Council and Junior Volunteer Coordinator at Valley View

    Corey has a Bachelors in Psychology and an Associates in Art. He enjoys contributing to the council where he helps decide, discuss and deliberate on how money is distributed to projects that help the disbled. Corey is looking forward to participating in the RFL program to gain connections throughout the valley. He would also like to make the community aware of any problems that need to be addresed in the valley.

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson Class of 2018, Director of Planning, Roaring Fork Transportation Authority

    David received his undergraduate degree in geography and urban planning from the University of Minnesota, and his graduate degree in urban planning from UC-Denver.

    At the moment, David’s sole volunteering position is being president of his homeowner’s association; though he looks forward to engaging in new volunteer activities when the school year starts.

    RFL has been a consistent, yet obscure opportunity for David ever since he moved to the Roaring Fork Valley eight years ago.  A colleague’s referral in April made RFL a genuine goal. He sees RFL’s potential as a pivot in his life’s trajectory, a welcome circumstance to create genuine growth and change in his personal and professional life.

  • Emmanuel (Manny) Hernandez
    Emmanuel (Manny) Hernandez Class of 2018, Management Analyst, City of Aspen

    Manny graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor’s in Information Systems and Supply Chain Management, and later a Master’s in Public Administration. He has enjoyed his time coaching lacrosse in the Kansas City metro area and currently at Aspen High School. The impressive curriculum and ability to develop all facets of his leadership skills are what brought him to RFL. He is looking forward to improving his soft leadership skills, especially in a setting with no formal authority with his team members.

  • Garrett Larimer
    Garrett Larimer Class of 2018, Planner Tech, City of Aspen

    Garrett grew up in Boulder, Colorado and graduated from the University of Colorado in 2011. He moved to the valley January of 2016 and lives in Carbondale. He came to the valley because he loves to play outside and enjoy the beauty of Colorado. Garrett hopes to increase his involvement in the community, grow professionally, and connect with other working professionals through his participation in RFL.

  • Irving Aquino
    Irving Aquino Class of 2018, Meat and Seafood Team Member, Whole Foods

    Irv graduated from Penn State, Lehigh Valley with a degree in Business and Marketing. In the past, he has volunteered with the Colorado Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute. Irv is interested in RFL to get to know other leaders and become a leader himself in order to be more in-tuned with his life’s purpose. He’s looking forward to being a major positive impact on the local community via the leadership skills he will be gaining as well as positioning himself as a leader in the Whole Foods company.

  • Jay Engstrom
    Jay Engstrom Class of 2018, Project Manager, Roaring Fork Engineering

    Jay received a Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering in 2012 from Fort Lewis College. He is involved with the community of Carbondale and is part of the Planning and Zoning Commission for the town. RFL is a great opportunity for Jay to expand his communication skills. He is excited to explore his personal perceptions, strengths, and weaknesses and to increase his ability to connect, express, and understand his peers.

  • Jeffrey Conklin
    Jeffrey Conklin Class of 2018, Partner, Karp Neu Hanlon, P.C.

    Jeff is a Partner/Shareholder at the law firm of Karp Neu Hanlon, P.C., where his practice focuses on land use, real estate, business, municipal law, water law, and related litigation.  After graduating from Wake Forest University with a degree in Political Science and Philosophy in 2004, Jeff attended the University of Denver and received his J.D. and Master’s of Public Policy in 2008. Jeff moved to the Roaring Fork Valley in 2008 and has been actively involved in the community ever since.  He currently chairs the Pitkin County Planning & Zoning Commission and serves on the Board of Directors of the Roaring Fork Conservancy.  Through RFL, Jeff hopes to develop leadership skills that will allow him to better serve his community, business, and family.

  • Jo Bershenyi
    Jo Bershenyi Class of 2018, Integrated Therapies Coordinator, Valley View

    Jo has been a resident of the Roaring Fork Valley for the majority of the last 36 years. She grew up in Michigan and has been fortunate to travel to several countries. Moving from private practice as a therapeutic bodyworker and adjunct faculty member of the Colorado School of Energy Studies in Boulder to a full-time therapist at Valley View Hospital has brought great challenges and advantages her way. She looks to RFL to expand her communication and leadership skills in order to be a catalyst for positive change and growth in her community, work, and personal life. She is passionate about her work and those affected by the care provided by the team she is fortunate to lead.

  • Joey Woltemath
    Joey Woltemath Class of 2018, Event Operations Manager, Aspen Skiing Company

    Joey was born and raised in Colorado and moved to the Roaring Fork Valley in 1993. She has worked for Aspen Skiing Company for 25 years in a variety of positions but has found event management is her passion. So besides her Ski Co position, she also owns and operates Altitude Event Management. She is an avid fly fisherman and loves spending time on the Roaring Fork River. Joey joined
    RFL to improve her overall leadership skills and to become a more active member of the community.

  • Jonathan Hagman
    Jonathan Hagman Class of 2018, Installation Director, Aspen Art Museum

    Jonathan graduated from Lewis and Clark College, Portland OR with a major in Studio Art Ceramics and a minor in Latin American Studies.  He was encouraged to pursue and became quite interested in the personal growth and leadership skills RFL provides.  He is excited to gain the awareness to positively improve relationships personally, professionally and the quality of life in our community.

  • Kim Smeins
    Kim Smeins Class of 2018, Controller, The Romero Group, LLC

    Kim has lived in the Roaring Fork Valley for 30 years. She has worked in property management for 25 years and her experience ranges from controller, property manager, paralegal and administrator/HR manager. Kim is certified as a Community Association Manager and paralegal as well as a licensed broker. Kim is a member of the American Legion Post 100 and Fraternal Order of the Eagles and has served in the past as an officer of the Crystal River Caucus and volunteer on the Carbondale Middle School Accountability Committee and District Accountability Committee. Kim is interested in learning skills that will allow her to grow in her personal and professional life.

  • Laura Wilson
    Laura Wilson Class of 2018, Association Accountant, The Romero Group, LLC

    Laura graduated from SUNY at Stony Brook in 1979 and moved to the Roaring Fork Valley later that same year. Laura owned and operated Short Sport, a specialty children’s store with twenty employees, with locations in Aspen and Snowmass from 1989–2008. Through Short Sport, Laura was able to give back to the community through donations and volunteer work that directly impacted children in the Roaring Fork Valley. Personally, Laura has enjoyed volunteering at the Aspen School District and for AVSC.  She is interested in RFL because she is looking for a way to give back to the community she has lived in and loved for 38 years. Through this program, Laura is hoping to improve her communication skills.

  • Linda Chi
    Linda Chi Class of 2018, Senior Administrative Assistant, City of Aspen

    Linda went to Lake Michigan College and graduated with an Associates of Arts degree and Emergency Medical Technician certificate. Linda enjoys volunteering with the Aspen Elks Lodge. She is active on the Youth Committee, Drug Awareness Committee, and the Remodel Committee. Linda is excited to be in RFL and anticipates being a part of many new and worthwhile experiences.

  • Lindsay Ball
    Lindsay Ball Class of 2018, Housekeeping & Spa Manager, The Little Nell

    Lindsay had the great privilege of growing up in the Roaring Fork Valley. She left to attend college at the University of Colorado in Boulder to study International Affairs, after which she moved to Denver to pursue a career in hospitality. However it didn’t take long for her love of the outdoors and her desire to live in the mountains to resurface, so she returned to the incredibly beautiful town of Aspen to join the Operations Team at the Little Nell Hotel.

    While not at work Lindsay can be found outdoors, more specifically running, climbing or snowboarding. She also loves to read. Becoming a member of the RFL is an incredible opportunity and she is grateful to be a part of such an incredible community of individuals. Personally she hopes to meet new people, discover new ways to become a philanthropic leader and pursue challenging adventures with her new set of skills.

  • Lynn Khuat
    Lynn Khuat Class of 2018, Soil Scientist, White River National Forest, US Forest Service

    Lynn graduated from the University of Washington with a Master’s of Science in Environmental and Forest Sciences. During her free time, she participates in regional and national scale student leadership organizations within the Vietnamese American community. Lynn is new to the Roaring Fork Valley and would like to get to know the community better and be more involved.

    RFL intrigued her because it seems to provide the opportunity to learn about the local community and learn leadership skills. She is looking forward to the meeting new friends and growing as a leader in all aspects of her life.

  • Margaret Medellin
    Margaret Medellin Class of 2018, Utilities Portfolio Manager, City of Aspen

    Margaret is a recent transplant to Aspen who wakes up every morning feeling blessed to call this beautiful valley home. She is a professional engineer, licensed in Colorado, with experience in both public and private enterprises. Margaret is passionate about managing natural resources for the benefit of communities and the environment. Most recently, she has been managing Aspen’s Water Future Project, which is seeking to increase the City’s water resiliency in the face of an uncertain future.

    Margaret holds both BS and MS Degrees in Civil Engineering from Texas Tech University. Her graduate study of constructed wetlands for treating wastewater was funded by the Pantex Nuclear Disassemblement Plant. She has also earned a Master’s in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School where she focused on methods to increase innovation in government processes. Margaret is excited to participate in RFL and work together with new friends and business associates to improve our leadership skills for the good of our community.

  • Molly Lundquist
    Molly Lundquist Class of 2018, Front Office Manager, Roaring Fork Club

    Molly graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Business. She has enjoyed working with Habitat for Humanity to build homes for families in the valley.  RFL intrigued her because it is a way to connect with her community as well as learn new skills.  Molly is looking forward to creating lasting relationships in the valley through RFL.

  • Natalie Tvesdos
    Natalie Tvesdos Class of 2018, Environmental Health Specialist, Garfield County Public Health

    Natalie is an Environmental Health Specialist at Garfield County Public Health. Natalie earned her Bachelor of Science in Zoology from The Ohio State University and a Master of Public Health from the Colorado School of Public Health at Colorado State University. She is a member of the Colorado Environmental Health Association and is passionate about protecting our environment. She hopes that RFL will help her become a more active leader in her community through developing skills and making new connections.

  • Nick Chimerikas
    Nick Chimerikas Class of 2018; CPA, CFP®; Reese Henry & Co.

    Nick graduated cum laude from the University of Notre Dame with degrees in Accountancy and Political Science. He also earned a Master of Business Taxation from the Carlson School of Management in Minneapolis, MN. Nick has been a mentor for at-risk youth in the Minneapolis area and is currently serving as Treasurer for Alpine Legal Services and as a member of the Finance Council for St. Mary Catholic Church in Aspen. Nick is excited to improve his leadership skills and grow with a diverse group of individuals through the Roaring Fork Leadership Program.

  • Schuyler Clay
    Schuyler Clay Class of 2018, Business Process Analyst, Pitkin County and Business Consultant, City of Aspen

    Schuyler graduated from the University of Mississippi with a Masters in Business Administration. Having many respected colleagues who are RFL alumni, and as a firm believer in continual self-improvement, Schuyler was intrigued by RFL.  Schuyler is looking forward to learning valuable tools to continue his personal and professional growth and to become a more involved member of the local community in the Roaring Fork Valley.

  • Sheryl Bower
    Sheryl Bower Class of 2018, Community Development Director, Garfield County.

    Sheryl has Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies from Syracuse University, a Bachelor’s of Landscape Architecture from State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry and a Master’s of Urban Planning from the University of Buffalo. Sheryl moved to Colorado last year from the Orlando Florida area. While in Florida Sheryl was active in the National Mountain Bike Patrol (as a patroller and certified trainer) and was on the Community Advisory Board along with the Content & Community Outreach Board for WMFE (the Central Florida NPR station).

    Since moving to Colorado, Sheryl has joined the Board of the Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association (RFMBA) and enjoys building and maintaining trails with RFMBA as well as the Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers. As a relatively new member of the Roaring Fork Valley community, Sheryl sees RFL as a way to learn more about the valley, make valuable connections and continue to expand and improve her leadership skills.

  • Suzanne Stephens
    Suzanne Stephens Class of 2018, Executive Director, Aspen Valley Land Trust

    Suzanne Stephens has been Executive Director of Aspen Valley Land Trust since early 2016. Before that, she spent 13 years with the organization as a project specialist and associate director. A Roaring Fork Valley native, she has been dedicated to area non-profit work since moving back to the area with a degree in biology from Reed College in 1999. She previously worked for ACES and the Roaring Fork Conservancy and has spent much time volunteering for environmental and wildlife organizations.  She currently sits on the Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts policy working group.  Suzanne lives in Carbondale with her husband and three-year old daughter and enjoys climbing, skiing, camping, and yoga. Through RFL, she is looking to connect more deeply with her community, gain a better understanding of the challenges facing different segments of the population, and gain new relationships, tools, and perspectives to bring to her life and leadership position.

  • Wendy Schultz
    Wendy Schultz Class of 2018, Senior Appraiser, Pitkin County Assessor

    Wendy graduated from the Michigan Technological University with a Business Administration degree.  Wendy volunteers with Colorado Animal Rescue, FIS World Cup Ski Races, Aspen USA Pro Challenge Cycle Races, and RFOV.  She is also an HOA board member.  RFL is an additional resource that Pitkin County offers for employees who express interest in professional development.  Wendy is looking forward to absorbing all that this program has to offer so that she can become a strong, confident leader in every aspect.

  • Wes Boyd
    Wes Boyd Class of 2018, Executive Director, Colorado Animal Rescue

    Wes graduated from the Colorado State University, with a Master of Business Administration in 2012 and the University of Northern Colorado with a  Bachelor of Arts in English in 2003. He has volunteered with KDNK and is currently applying to join the Buddy Program. An alumnus of the program referred Wes to the program. In RFL, Wes is hoping to experience personal growth, new friendships, and networking to increase the impact of his leadership at work, within his community, and in close relationships.

  • Zach Stevens
    Zach Stevens Class of 2018, Front Office Manager, The Gant

    Zach grew up in Portland, Oregon and attended the University of Oregon where he studied journalism. After college, he moved to Aspen to work for The Gant. Nine years later he is the Front Office Manager and has no plans of leaving. He is an avid mountain biker and outdoor enthusiast. RFL is a chance to better his leadership skills as well as contribute to the community he has come to love.

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