Class of 2016

  • Abbey Pascoe
    Abbey Pascoe Business Specialist II, Roaring Fork Transportation Authority, Class of 2016

    Abbey Pascoe: Business Specialist II, Roaring Fork Transportation Authority (RFTA). Abbey has an Associates in Accounting and is currently attending the University of Phoenix for her Bachelors of Science in Business with a concentration in Finance. From her RFL experience, Abbey expected to gain skills that would help her be a leader in the community and be a positive and influential leader. She has volunteered for Habitat for Humanity and looked forward to getting more involved in her community.

  • Alex Burchetta
    Alex Burchetta Director of Operations, Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office, Class of 2016

    Alex Burchetta: Director of Operations with the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office. Alex has lived in the Roaring Fork Valley for nine years now, and previously attended the Manhattan School of Music. Alex serves as Incident Commander of the Pitkin County Incident Management Team and is a former member of the US Dept. of Health and Human Services Disaster Medical Assistance Team. Alex was drawn to the RFL program as an opportunity to further develop his leadership skills by improving strategic thinking and through collaborative opportunities. Alex was looking forward to utilizing the tools he learns in RFL to become a better partner and an inspiration to his peers.

  • Ali Marshall
    Ali Marshall Executive Assistant, Reese Henry & Co., Class of 2016

    Ali is an Executive Assistant at Reese Henry & Co in Aspen. She had heard about RFL from other alumni and was intrigued to participate. Ali wanted to improve and grow as an individual for her work endeavors, community work, and her family. Ali is a  Volunteer Advocate for Response. She is originally from Australia and has lived in Aspen since the mid 90’s. She saw RFL as an incredible opportunity and was looking to develop her leadership skills to continue to help people and to have the skills to deal with whatever arrises – no matter what position she is in.

  • Amber Wissing
    Amber Wissing Business Manger, Cory Johnson, DDS, Class of 2016

    Amber Wissing: Business Manager, Corey Johnson, DDS. Amber was born and raised in Glenwood Springs. She has worked in the dental field for 15 years and is passionate about bringing high-quality care and excellent customer service to the patients she considers family.  Amber knew RFL would be the perfect match between her love of community and her knack for pioneering innovative projects, volunteerism, and rallying like-minded collaborators. She sought out RFL knowing it would be able to support her in her ongoing pursuit of excellence both personally and professionally. 

  • Angilina Taylor
    Angilina Taylor Footwear Designer & Director, Buckaroo Studios, Class of 2016

    Angilina Taylor: Footwear Designer & Director, Buckaroo Studios. In addition to being a footwear designer and entrepreneur, Angilina is also a personal trainer. She is graduated from the University of San Francisco and travels frequently for her career. In RFL, Angilina hoped to increase her ability to help, lead, and guide people toward a better future. Angilina hoped to be really open to what she can gain from the RFL experience and the people who she met through it.

  • Ben Johnston
    Ben Johnston Attorney, Balcomb & Green, PC, Class of 2016

    Ben Johnston: Attorney, Balcomb & Green, PC. Ben graduated from William Jewell College and went on to the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law. Ben is passionate about being active in his community and joined RFL to assimilate into the local community, develop his own leadership skills, and give back to the community

  • Brynn Flaherty
    Brynn Flaherty Brynn is the Director of Search Marketing, Blue Tent, Class of 2016

    Brynn Flaherty:  Brynn is the Director of Search Marketing for Bluetent and has lived in the valley for 11 years. Brynn holds a BA in Journalism from the University of Colorado at Boulder and has done additional graduate level study at the University of Denver. She felt it was time to become a more active member of our community. Brynn was looking forward to strengthening her leadership skills and continuing to grow in her current role at Bluetent. Brynn was ready to make new connections and expand her influence in the valley by becoming more involved in volunteer opportunities. She was excited to pass along any new tools and knowledge gained to her team as well.

  • Carrie Fleischman
    Carrie Fleischman Business Process Analyst, Pitkin County, Class of 2016

    Carrie Fleischman: Business Process Analyst with Pitkin County. Carrie is a graduate of the State University of New York at Oswego and a recent transplant to the Roaring Fork Valley. She has both a BS and an MBA in Accounting having completed a rigorous five-year program at SUNY. Carrie decided to jump right into RFL to meet people in the valley and further develop her leadership skills. Carrie would love to have her own company at some point and is also very involved in raising awareness for adolescent diabetes. Carrie heard about RFL from others within Pitkin County and jumped at the opportunity. Carrie is bound to make a great impact in RFL and in our community as a whole.

  • Cindy Hirschfeld
    Cindy Hirschfeld Editor in Chief at Aspen Sojourner, Class of 2016

    Cindy Hirschfeld: Editor in Chief at Aspen Sojourner. Cindy is a graduate of Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania and has spent time in several publishing courses throughout her career. Cindy is a fantastic journalist and has been a great member of the valley community for the last 17 years.  She has been involved with multiple non-profits including Aspen Film, The Buddy Program, Aspen Community School, and Aspen Young Professionals.  Cindy has also authored a book called “Canine Colorado – Where to Go and What to Do With Your Dog” (Fulcrum Publishing), which is now in its third edition. Cindy was looking forward to expanding her leadership skills and collaborating with other dynamic valley residents while in RFL.

  • Emily Burr
    Emily Burr Development Officer for Aspen Music Festival and School, Class of 2016

    Emily Burr: Development Officer for Aspen Music Festival and School.  Emily is a musician extraordinaire and business woman.  Emily graduated from the University of Montana with a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance and also has a Masters in Music in Vocal Performance from the New England Conservatory.  Emily came to the Roaring Fork Valley by way of Boston where she was heavily involved in the Boston Opera Collaborative and still serves on the Board of Directors.  Emily was interested in RFL because she wanted to be entrepreneurial and to spark change in those around her.  She was hoping to gain new perspectives that would challenge her and help mold her into a better leader and member of society.

  • Erin Barr
    Erin Barr Assistant General Manager, The Gant, Class of 2016

    Erin Barr: Assistant General Manager at The Gant. Erin graduated from Oregon State University, Corvallis with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science. Erin is a former member of the ACRA Marketing and Advisory Committee as well as the ACRA Aspen Group Sales Committee, and is currently studying for the Colorado State Community Association Manager licensing exam. Erin was interested in developing leadership skills and getting to know fellow community and business leaders. Erin understands that everyone learns and develops differently, and looked forward to obtaining tools that will help her become a more effective manager and successful leader.

  • Hunter Causey
    Hunter Causey Water Resources Engineer for the Colorado River Water Conservation District, Class of 2016

    Hunter Causey: Water Resources Engineer for the Colorado River Water Conservation District.  Hunter holds both a Bachelors and Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.  Hunter is currently a member and Fundraising Chair for the Glenwood Springs Rotary Club and has also done quite a bit of tutoring and mentoring including as a Pal for Youth Zone.  Hunter was attracted to RFL because of its mission to prepare members of the local community to face current and future issues within the Valley.  He expected to improve his ability to engage and inspire diverse or even oppositional perspectives and to think critically in a group environment.

  • Jessica Cabe
    Jessica Cabe Arts and Entertainment Editor for the Glenwood Springs Post Independent, Class of 2016

    Jessica Cabe: Arts and Entertainment Editor for the Glenwood Springs Post Independent.  Jessica graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism with a Minor in Communications and also has her Master’s in Journalism from Syracuse University.  Jessica is involved both personally and professionally in the arts and entertainment community of the Roaring Fork Valley.  She was attracted to RFL for the opportunity to meet other strong and influential members of the community and hoped to gain concrete skills to become a more effective leader.

  • Joe Enzer
    Joe Enzer Superintendent with RA Nelson Construction, Class of 2016

    Joe Enzer: Superintendent with RA Nelson Construction. Joe’s educational background includes liberal arts and construction trades. He lives in Carbondale and his work with RA Nelson and volunteer work with the Carbondale Fire and Rural Protection District take him throughout the valley. Joe was on site when the “Snowmasstadon” archeological site was discovered and helped see the project through as an owner’s rep for the water and sanitation district. Joe was looking forward to “discovering” some new leadership ideas and growing in RFL. Joe is concerned with growth in the valley and brings a great perspective with his building knowledge as well as an understanding of fire protection issues.

  • Justin Barker
    Justin Barker City Planner, City of Aspen, Class of 2016

    Justin Barker: City Planner with the City of Aspen. Justin graduated with a Master’s degree in Architecture from Andrews University, and obtained a second Master’s degree in City and Regional Planning from Ohio State University.  Since moving to Aspen Justin has volunteered with the Aspen Young Professionals Association (AYPA), the City of Aspen Green Team, and Aspen Social. Justin became interested in the RFL program through the recommendation of various friends and co-workers. He looked forward to the opportunity for more community engagement and reviving leadership skills that have not been exercised much in recent years.

  • Karen Schroyer
    Karen Schroyer District Ranger, White River National Forest, Class of 2016

    Karen Schroyer: District Ranger, White River National Forest. Karen holds a Bachelors of Science, Geography from the University of Utah, as well as many other certifications through the Forest Service. Karen has been in the valley for almost two years and believes citizens should be active participants in creating positive change in their communities. Karen came to RFL to be a better leader by being more creative and thinking outside the box. She expected a better understanding of what makes a great leader and a greater confidence in her abilities to be a great leader.

  • Keith Bulicz
    Keith Bulicz Recreation Supervisor & Athletic Director, City of Aspen, Class of 2016

    Keith Bulicz is the Recreation Supervisor and Athletic Director with the City of Aspen. Keith graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Science in Health, Physical Education and Recreation. Keith serves as the Chairman of the City of Aspen Employee Advisory Committee, has organized Winterskol activities for 14 years, and has played an integral role in organizing athletic activities in Aspen. Keith was drawn to the RFL program as an opportunity to learn new leadership perspectives and says he has heard wonderful things about the program from past applicants who had encouraged Keith to apply. He saw this as a great opportunity to discover new leadership skills to use both personally and professionally.

  • Kelly Cave
    Kelly Cave Assistant County Attorney, Garfield County, Class of 2016

    Kelly recently switched from private practice to government service. She was excited to learn new leadership skills, better communication tools, and to become a more effective team and community member. Originally from Summit County, Kelly graduated from the University of Denver with a B.S. in Environmental Science and a J.D. in law. Kelly values the opinions of others and hoped to be able to work with others to collaborate on solutions in the community.

  • Kelly Keeffe
    Kelly Keeffe Regional Oral Health Consultant, Aspen to Parachute Dental Health Alliance, Class of 2016

    Kelly Keeffe: Regional Oral Health Consultant, Aspen to Parachute Dental Health Alliance. Kelly graduated from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry with a Graduate degree in Dental Hygiene; followed by a BS in Public Health Administration from Metropolitan State University. Kelly has enjoyed working in a leadership role in the regional Dental Health Alliance as well as on the board of a local school. In RFL, she hoped to improve her communication skills. She was also looking to utilize the knowledge she gained in RFL to better understand other behaviors and to be able to communicate more effectively.

  • Kevin Akin
    Kevin Akin Airport Operations Officer, Pitkin County, Class of 2015

    Kevin Akin: Airport Operations Officer with Pitkin County. Kevin has received degrees in Recording Arts and Music Business.  As the Airport Operations Officer, Kevin has been trained in aircraft rescue, firefighting, and first aid.  Kevin is passionate about leadership, and was interested in understanding and developing his own personal leadership style.  Kevin looked forward to learning about managing fears and conflict, and how to implement change to improve business practices.  He saw the RFL program as an opportunity to apply new concepts in a tangible way, creating a positive impact on the community.

  • Kim DuBois
    Kim DuBois Adult & Family Services Manager, Pitkin County, Class of 2016

    Kim has lived in the Roaring Fork Valley for 19 years and currently works for Pitkin County as the Adult & Family Services Manager. She has a BA in Psychology, a Master’s in Social Work and has worked almost 30 years of expertise in social work. Her passion is being able to impact (help) at risk, vulnerable people through change. Kim wanted to participate in RFL to learn to view leadership through different workforce perspectives.  She was also excited to be part of a team that offers different perspectives and outlooks on community issues.

  • Kirsten Michel
    Kirsten Michel Writing & Event Specialist, 8.31 Productions, Class of 2016

    Multi-passionate, Kirsten offers her copywriting and event planning skills through her own business, 8.31 Productions. More recently, she is developing her startup women’s travel company, Daydream Destinations. Kirsten attended UNC Wilmington to earn her BA in English and Creative Writing. Kirsten feels a sense of accomplishment when creating something from nothing, taking every step necessary to ensure all roles are fulfilled and all detailed elements are addressed for every project she takes on. This was a great attribute to have while working on RFL civic projects! During the program, Kirsten was looking to learn about her own leadership skills and connect with diverse innovators within the Roaring Fork community.

  • Lesley Hunt
    Lesley Hunt Physical Therapist Owner/Operator, Class of 2016

    Lesley Hunt: Physical Therapist Owner/Operator.  Lesley is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Madison with a BS in Physical Therapy. As a mother who recently relocated to the Roaring Fork Valley, Lesley was looking forward to gaining a greater sense of issues facing the local community while gaining leadership skills in RFL. In addition to continued involvement in a variety of cause-related organizations, Lesley believed working with other leaders would provide her with a new awareness and ideas to motivate and direct others to successfully achieve desired goals.

  • Lisa Jennings
    Lisa Jennings Group Sales Manager, Frias Properties of Aspen, Class of 2016

    Lisa Jennings: Group Sales Manager, Frias Properties of Aspen. Lisa graduated from hospitality management school at James Madison University and was recruited by the Ritz Carlton to move to Aspen upon graduation. As an active member of Aspen Young Professional Association and regular event volunteer Lisa is continuously looking for new opportunities to be involved in the community. Being part of a team and looking for new ways to improve upon the quality of life for everyone motivated Lisa to join Roaring Fork Leadership.

  • Lucy Laffoon
    Lucy Laffoon Attorney, Laffoon Legal Services, LLC, Class of 2016

    Lucy Laffoon: Attorney, Laffoon Legal Services, LLC. Lucy completed her undergraduate studies with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and French from Indiana University, Bloomington before living overseas while dancing professionally. She completed her law degree while doing a tremendous amount of pro bono work before opening her own law firm specializing in immigration law. Lucy was looking forward to developing lasting professional relationships and friends in RFL while also gaining an understanding of the resources and knowledge of others in the community.

  • Matt Mullally
    Matt Mullally Database & Sharepoint Manager, RFTA, Class of 2016

    Matt came to RFL to expand his social, leadership, community connections, and marketing skills. Matt has been a software consultant since 1989 and one of Matt’s most fulfilling leadership roles was when he was a co-leader on developing a new medical database for the Department of Defense. Matt has also built a community apiary where people can keep their own bee hives. Matt was looking forward to all the skill building and people he would meet throughout the RFL program.

  • Meiying Li
    Meiying Li Operations Supervisor, Alpine Bank, Class of 2016

    Meiying moved to the US from China when she was 24 years old, with little exposure to the English Language. She started her career at Alpine Bank 15 years ago and has gained both expertise and promotions. She has contributed to our community as a Chinese instructor for the Aspen High School Chinese Club and currently participates in AVSC, Ski Swap, and other Alpine Bank events. She has two children. She was interested in gaining new leadership skills and equally important to her, was the opportunity to build new relationships and to learn from others.

  • Michelle Holder
    Michelle Holder Management Analyst, City of Aspen, Class of 2016

    Michelle Holder: Management Analyst, City of Aspen. Michelle has lived in the valley for less than a year and RFL was recommended to her by several people around town to help her develop her personal and professional leadership skills. Michelle has an Bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida in Political Science and Criminology. She went on and achieved her Masters of Public Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has embarked in RFL with an open mind and friendly attitude. In turn, she expected to learn more about the people in our community and observe their drives, interest, visions, goals and communication styles.

  • Nick Neblett
    Nick Neblett CEO, Tate Angling Equipment, Class of 2016

    Nick is the CEO of Tate Angling Equipment. Nick came to Aspen from Houston, TX in 2015. Nick felt RFL was the perfect way to become aware of and to participate in the community while also allowing participants to improve and refine their own personal leadership skills. Nick has been starting and building businesses for over 20 years, including EDGARfilings, Ltd. Along with his fishing rod company, Nick is currently working on a mobile app business.  Nick is married to Kathy Neblett and together they have 4 boys.

  • Rebecca Wallace
    Rebecca Wallace Operations Manager, Community Development Department, City of Aspen, Class of 2016

    Rebecca Wallace: Operations Manager, Community Development Department, City of Aspen. Rebecca holds a BS in Accounting and an MBA with an emphasis in Organizational Behavior. Several of Rebecca’s colleagues in the Community Development Department have been through RFL. They often refer to principles learned at RFL, which Rebecca believes would help her improve her performance. In addition to improving her leadership abilities, Rebecca looked forward to meeting other people who are interested in exploring the topics that were covered during the program and what it takes to be a successful leader.

  • Richard Goulding
    Richard Goulding Founder and Owner of Roaring Fork Engineering, Class of 2016

    Richard Goulding: Founder and Owner of Roaring Fork Engineering. Richard holds a Civil Engineering Degree from the University College Cork in Ireland and an MBA from the University of Wyoming. Richard has built a wonderful career in the valley and has made a great impact in his business by hiring millennial’s with little or no engineering experience and teaching them the discipline. With this great desire to mentor and give back, Richard decided to apply to RFL to look for ways to expand his ability to participate and give back to this community. Applying during the boom time of construction activity was a testament to Richard’s commitment to growing personally and professionally. The valley was fortunate that Richard was also ready to take steps to assist with the housing crunch by joining a local housing board in one of our valley’s thriving towns.

  • Sarah Pegler
    Sarah Pegler Property Manager, Pyramid Property Advisors, Class of 2016

    Sarah Pegler: Property Manager, Pyramid Property Advisors. Sarah was attracted to RFL by the opportunity to challenge herself in the process of giving back to the community. Sarah has a BSBA in Management from the Daniels College of Business, University of Denver. She also holds a Real Estate License and is a broker for Sotheby’s International Realty. She has volunteered for the Aspen Chamber, Aspen Institute, JAS Aspen, Komen Race for the Cure, USA Pro Cycling Challenge, to name just a few. Sarah was interested in fully exploring her leadership abilities in order to understand her own shortcomings, learn how to overcome them, and ultimately become a more effective leader in all facets of her life.

  • Scott Mattice
    Scott Mattice Road & Bridge Supervisor, Pitkin County, Class of 2016

    Scott graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a BS in Sports and Exercise Science. After college, he moved to Vail and taught skiing for 5 winters and worked road construction during the summer. He then moved to the Roaring Fork Valley to pursue bigger and better possibilities and is now in his 4th year working for Pitkin County. Scott came to RFL to learn how to live in the moment and to improve his positive persona.

  • Shelbi Bauer
    Shelbi Bauer Banking Officer, Alpine Bank, Class of 2016

    Shelbi Bauer: Banking Officer with Alpine Bank. Shelbi is a graduate of Colorado State University with a degree in Human Sciences and a focus on Interior Design. Shelbi enjoys backpacking, skiing, rafting and creating jewelry in her free time.  As a committed volunteer, Shelbi works with many organizations in the Roaring Fork Valley, including the Roaring Fork Conservancy, Habitat for Humanity, and Youth Entity. Shelbi’s objective with the RFL program was to gain skills to enhance her ability to manage people and become a more effective communicator. She was excited to learn new tools to become an empowered leader.

  • Steve Sand
    Steve Sand Owner and Business Coach, Steve Sand LLC, Class of 2016

    Steve Sand: Steve is a Business & Financial Coach, and CFO for Hire. He has a Bachelors of Business Administration, Accounting from the University of Iowa. He is also a tennis coach for the Aspen High School Boys Tennis Team. As current President and Treasurer, he has revitalized the Cloud Nine Aspen Toastmasters organization. Steve was excited to now explore and grow his leadership abilities, so he could co-create with others and have a bigger impact on this community. He wanted to create big things in the valley, and he knew he would need to cooperate, collaborate, and connect with others to accomplish this.

  • Tish Filiss
    Tish Filiss Office Manager and Co-Owner at Divide Creek Builders, Class of 2016

    Tish Fliss: Office Manager and Co-Owner of Divide Creek Builders. Having lived in the valley for 47 years and raised four children here, Tish has a wealth of experience and involvement in the valley including Bright Beginnings Program, Raising a Reader, Youth Zone, and a Citizen’s Rep for Western Garfield County. Tish was excited to learn new skills and to be involved in a program that provides a platform for all people to thrive.  A natural “go-getter”, Tish saw an RFL advertisement in the paper and decided to apply. We are so glad she did!

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