• Aaron Hoover
    Aaron Hoover

    Aaron Hoover is a Systems Administrator for Valley View Hospital. His college degree is in Economics with an emphasis in computers. After talking to some graduates, he saw the bond between RFL alumni and the passionate experiences clearly showed how powerful an impact the program has on people. Aaron expected to gain confidence conversing with different personality types and having important but difficult conversations.

  • Alice Hackney
    Alice Hackney

    Alice is the Accounting Manager/Controller for the City of Aspen, and has a BS in Accounting from Colorado State University. Alice was excited about the opportunity to be a part of projects outside of work, which could benefit the local community. She learned about RFL from several colleagues and friends and expected to develop an awareness of her communication style and to walk away with a stronger sense of herself as a leader.

  • Andrea Pazdera
    Andrea Pazdera

    Andrea is a School Based Clinician for Aspen Hope Center. Andrea has a PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy from Florida State University and has used her training to help valley organizations achieve their missions, including RESPONSE and the Aspen Police Department. Andrea was excited by the opportunities presented to her as an RFL participant. She was learning how to better inspire her co-workers and facilitate the strengths of others. Personally, RFL guided her growth in leadership and she made some amazing connections in the community.

  • Brian Grefe
    Brian Grefe

    Brian Grefe is the Assistant Director of Aviation-Administration for Pitkin County. He has a B.S. in Aviation Management. Brian learned about RFL from a previous graduate, and he was excited about RFL in that it is tailor made to our unique valley. Not only did he get good leadership training, he had an opportunity to network with other individuals in similar roles in our community, and develop professional relationships.

  • Carole Huey
    Carole Huey

    Lands Program Manager with the White River National Forest. Carole has an A.S. from Whatcom Community College and a B.S. in Visual Communications from Western Washington University. Carole has in the past volunteered with Habitat for Humanity and looked forward to becoming more involved with her community outside of work. Roaring Fork Leadership appealed to Carole for the opportunity it provided to learn in a diverse group of peers. She looked forward to learning about herself, to lessen the negative and improve the positive, and gain new friends.

  • Collina Washington
    Collina Washington

    Collina Washington is an experienced procurement professional with nearly 10 years’ experience in the transit industry. Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Collina has been the Procurement Manager for the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority (RFTA) for the past five years. She is a 2012 graduate of RFL. In her spare time, Collina enjoys running, hiking and engaging in various activities with her church, New Creation Church.

  • Cory Potter
    Cory Potter

    Cory is the Front Officer Manager at the Roaring Fork Club. He is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management with a focus in Revenue Management. Cory’s passion for the Roaring Fork Valley is evident in his volunteer pursuits, which have included 5 Points Film Festival, Roaring Fork Conservancy River Cleanup, Aspen Gay Ski Week, and Carbondale Mountain Fair. While at Johnson & Wales University, Cory was one of ten applicants selected from a pool of over 500 to represent the school as assistant venue managers at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC. Cory’s interest in RFL included the class project, which was an opportunity to work collaboratively to benefit a local organization or need.

  • David Gray
    David Gray

    David Gray works for the Aspen Ski Co, as the Director of Guest Services at Snowmass Mountain. He has a degree in Mechanical and Space Engineering from the University of Queensland in Australia. David volunteers for RFOV, Town Clean up Days, and Mountain Film in Telluride. After learning about RFL from a previous graduate, he believed the different classes would help to educate him about different aspects of leadership and he hoped to be a more effective leader at the end of the program.

  • Erin Hutchings
    Erin Hutchings

    Erin Hutchings is the Operations Manager of the Aspen Recreation Center and has a BS in Biology from Metropolitan State College of Denver. Erin is a Red Cross volunteer and HOA board member. After learning about RFL from friends, she was excited to learn and grow her leadership and communication skills. Erin expected to gain tools that enhance her performance as a leader, not just in the workplace but also in the community.

  • Evan Zislis
    Evan Zislis

    Evan is the owner and organizational consultant with Intentional Solutions. Evan has a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Maine, Orono with a focus on Cultural Anthropology and an M.A. in Teaching focusing on Experiential Education & Curriculum Development. Evan is on the board at the Third Street Center’s Non-Profit Center as their Community Outreach Chair and is also is a member of the Aspen Young Professional Association. Evan was attracted to Roaring Fork Leadership because of the opportunity it provided to work with other exceptional professionals in the Roaring Fork Valley. Evan hoped to gain an evolved perspective of who he is in the world, what he has to learn from others, and what he has to contribute to the collective effort.


  • G. R. Fielding
    G. R. Fielding

    Pitkin County Engineer. G. R. has a tremendous capacity to learn and grow. He has changed his approach to elected officials based on his experience in dealing with controversial issues. He has also developed a more well-balanced approach to organizational and personnel issues. He has always been willing to listen and learn to be a more productive and personable employee, community leader, and friend. He is in a position to build strong relationships between government jurisdictions as well as businesses as he champions projects, collaboration initiatives, and community improvement ideas.

  • Genevieve Villamizar
    Genevieve Villamizar

    Genevieve is the Principal for Evolving Garden & Grounds Design. Genevieve has a B.S. in Landscape Horticulture from Colorado State University with Pre-Architecture training from both the University of Maryland and Montgomery College. In her recent past, she was the volunteer advisor for the Carbondale Tree Board, on the Board of Directors for the Carbondale Chamber, and a member of the Lead 2 Growth business networking group. Genevieve appreciated that RFL offered an opportunity to inspire, motivate and guide people to do their best. She looked forward to developing more comfort with a “take charge of possibilities” attitude and bettering her life on many levels – for herself, her family, her community, and the environment.

  • Jamie Britt
    Jamie Britt

    Jamie Britt is a Registered Nurse for the Nurse Family Partnership in Family Visitor Programs and has a BSN in Nursing from Regis University in Denver, and a BS in Cell & Molecular Biology from the University of Washington in Seattle. Jamie has spent hundreds of hours in Americorps service programs in CO, in various roles using her nursing skills to improve the lives of children and families across Colorado. After learning about RFL from previous graduates, Jamie looked forward to building skills in communication, listening, and critical thinking, and anticipated broadening her relationships with people across the community.

  • Jane Lanter
    Jane Lanter

    Jane is a Landscape Architect with Bluegreen. She has a BS in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Illinois and a Masters in Landscape Architecture from Ohio State University. Jane volunteers for the Aspen Writers’ Foundation, Roaring Fork Conservancy, and Ideas Fest. She wanted to improve her communication skills, understand her leadership style, and expand her professional and social circle in the Valley.

  • Jed Miller
    Jed Miller

    Jed is the Recycling Operations Foreman for Pitkin County. Jed is an expert in waste management and has lived in Antarctica where he was a waste management supervisor and a volunteer firefighter. He wanted to learn new leadership skills to successfully navigate the challenges that arise with personal interactions and environmental situations.

  • John Varghese
    John Varghese

    John is the Controller at Related, Inc. in Snowmass Village. He has a Bachelor’s in Accounting from St. John’s University, NY. John has enjoyed coaching children and found the challenges of teaching new skills to children fulfilling. He volunteers with the non-profit, Room to Read, to track their contributions. RFL appealed to John because the program offers an avenue to builds leadership qualities and effective communication skills. John was excited to see what transpires in his life through his participation in RFL.

  • Jose Miranda
    Jose Miranda

    Ranch foreman at Tybar Ranch in Carbondale. Jose graduated from Montana State University with a B.S. in Animal and Range Science. He also has training in solar electric, solar hot water, and micro-hydro from Solar Energy International. Jose enjoys working with the land and encouraging young locals to protect their natural resources and local culture. Roaring Fork Leadership’s network of active community members was what brought Jose to the program. He hoped to learn skills to communicate and motivate others especially about environmental challenges that threaten our community.

  • Julie Kieffer
    Julie Kieffer

    Qualifications Specialist and Compliance Officer for the Aspen/Pitkin County Housing Authority since November 2004. Prior to that, she was in banking for 12 years as a supervisor and loan officer. Julie has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, minor in Finance, from Minnesota State University, Moorhead. She volunteers to teach kids at St. Vincent’s church and also volunteers at various sporting events. Julie has also served on the board for Growing Years School. Julie was interested in RFL because she wanted to get more involved in the community and fine tune her leadership skills.

  • Karen Barbee
    Karen Barbee

    The owner of Steadfast Communication. Karen has a BA in English from Regis University, an MA in Education from Adams St. University and holds certification in IDAD mediation and non-violent communication. Karen is currently working to raise awareness about the impact the Fukushima nuclear leak is having on children living in the surrounding area. Karen was attracted to RFL because of her keen desire to be a part of and contribute to the quality of life of fellow human beings. She expected to gain leadership skills through the views and voices of the other participants and the work done in the classes and civic projects.

  • Katherine Cloud
    Katherine Cloud

    Katherine is the Director of Corporate Services and Analyst at BridgeForth Capital LLC. She has an extensive background in academics, with her most recent degree being a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Katherine’s leadership experiences are varied and have focused primarily in the educational arena. By participating in RFL, she hoped to gain different perspectives that would increase her confidence in leading her peers. Katherine feels that life experience and meeting all types of people is empowering.

  • Lisa Hamilton
    Lisa Hamilton

    Lisa is the City Clerk & Human Resources Director for the City of Rifle. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a B.A. in Letters (History, Philosophy, and Literature) and has a J.D (Law) from the University of Colorado. Lisa volunteers for Literacy Outreach, a local organization that teaches adults to read. Lisa was attracted to Roaring Fork Leadership because its program has produced leaders in this region for 25 years. Throughout her career, she has been mostly in leadership positions and knew that she could always learn more about being an effective leader. She hoped to increase her awareness of her personal leadership style and improve on her communication skills.

  • Lori Mueller
    Lori Mueller

    Lori is the Executive Director of YouthZone. She saw her experience as an RFL participant as an opportunity to meet other community leaders and expand her network of resources. She saw a direct correlation between her strength as a leader and YouthZone success at promoting stable families and building a stronger, richer community. Lori has been in the valley for 25 years and is an active volunteer, serving on the Garfield County and Pitkin County Human Service Commissions, the Garfield County Coalition for Families, and the Business Women’s Network in Glenwood Springs.

  • Michael Lowe
    Michael Lowe

    Michael is the Co-owner of the Glenwood Adventure Company. Previously, Michael has been a high school English teacher in Los Angeles, a National Outdoor Leadership School instructor, and an independent filmmaker. He remains involved with NOLs in the Community Connection Committee and is the Head of the Technology Committee at St. Stephens Catholic School. During his RFL year, Michael wanted to learn better ways to manage time, staff, multiple responsibilities, and better manage high-stress environments.

  • Patrick Kiernan
    Patrick Kiernan

    Patrick is self-employed and graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering from Marquette University and an MS in Science, Technology, and Society from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Patrick is a specialist in energy engineering and energy efficiency. He wanted to be part of learning how to work collaboratively and inviting others, persuasively, to create a better life for all.

  • Ryan Walterscheid
    Ryan Walterscheid

    Project Architect for Charles Cunniffe Architects. He received a Bachelor of Architecture from Texas Tech University. His primary goal while attending RFL was to become more effective at communicating and interacting with others. He is currently volunteering as a member of the City of Aspen’s Planning and Zoning Commission, which has allowed Ryan to expand his perspective from simply that of an architect to someone who can see a more in-depth point of view from others in the community.

  • Sam Meyer
    Sam Meyer

    Sam is a Project Manager with Shaw Construction. He has Bachelor of Science from Lehigh University and a Master of Science from Northwestern University. Sam is a single engine private pilot and helps out Habitat for Humanity in the Roaring Fork Valley. He wanted to focus on his leadership style and hoped RFL and his classmates would help him fine tune his abilities.

  • Sara Nadolny
    Sara Nadolny

    Employed by the City of Aspen as a Planner Technician in the Community Development department. Sara was highly recommended for the RFL program by others in her department and she expected to gain invaluable confidence, leadership and communication skills to become an even more effective member of her work team. Prior to joining the city, Sara worked with LiveWell Westwood, a LiveWell Colorado Grant Funded Community as a Built-Environment Analyst. She assisted this highly challenged community in many ways, including organizing a community softball program for children ages 6 through 12. Sara is a graduate of the University of Colorado Denver with a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning.

  • Shannon Needell
    Shannon Needell

    Shannon is the Permit Technician for the City of Aspen. She has worked in many arenas including the fruit industry, real estate and web and graphic design. She has been on the Board of Directors for the Washington Cutting Horse Association and Mission Ridge Ski Team. Shannon’s attraction to Roaring Fork Leadership was the energy that is created and working together for the greater good. Shannon is a lifelong learner. She looked forward to learning new tools that she can use at home, work and the world.

  • Stephanie Wheeler
    Stephanie Wheeler Accountant at Hobbs & Murphy PC, Class of 2014

    Stephanie Wheeler is an Accountant at Hobbs & Murphy PC and has been with them for 15 years. Stephanie has worked with non-profit organizations in the valley providing bookkeeping services, outside of her employment.  With her children grown, Stephanie felt it was the right time to start opening up new doors and that included RFL. Stephanie expected to gain more knowledge and increase her personal leadership skills and to gain more confidence in interacting with others.

  • Theresa Rumery
    Theresa Rumery

    Theresa Rumery is the manager at Osage Gardens in New Castle. She graduated from RFL in 2014. She also graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and has a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Leeds College of Business and Administration. Theresa is the manager of the Basalt Sunday Market, and is on the “Advisory Circle” of the Roaring Fork Food Policy Council, and a member of the HEAL Coalition for the Garfield County LiveWell Grant. After learning about RFL from other graduates, she hopes to develop her leadership capabilities, both professionally and personally, to learn more about herself, to meet and work with other community leaders and to continue her personal development.

  • Travis Stewart
    Travis Stewart

    President of Operations for Western Slope Materials / Casey Concrete. Travis has B.S. degrees in Architectural Engineering & Environmental Design and an M.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Colorado. Travis currently is a Board Member of the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce and a member of its Events Committee Member. He is also a member of the Western Colorado Contractors Association and Colorado Stone, Sand and Gravel Association. The opportunity to continue personal and professional growth is what brought Travis to RFL. He wanted to be the best leader possible and believed RFL would help him gain a better awareness of his leadership traits and how to improve both his strengths and weaknesses.


  • William Dolan
    William Dolan

    William Dolan is the Utilities Project Coordinator for the City of Aspen. In 2007, he received his BA in English from St. Olaf College, magna cum laude, and received his MS in Water Management from Oxford University in 2009. Bill learned about RFL from an extremely positive endorsement from a recent alumnus. He expected to become a better, more effective and more contributive leader within his job and within the broader community as a whole.

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