Class of 2013

  • Amanda Kurz
    Amanda Kurz Interior Designer, Cathers Home, Class of 2013

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  • AnnMarie Prince
    AnnMarie Prince Class of 2013

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  • Chris Strifel
    Chris Strifel Broker/Owner Tru Real Estate, Class of 2013

    Chris knew several people who had graduated from RFL  and they impressed him with their leadership and organizational skills. Always motivated to be involved in civic organizations, RFL expanded his knowledge of available opportunities. Chris stated, “Organization and communication are the foundations of leadership. RFL helped solidify tools I can utilize to achieve better leadership. RFL stirred and awakened an introspection into myself and how I operate as a leader and a team member. It teaches you how to focus on your strengths.”

    Buddy Program Leadership Development Board- 11′-current
    Coryell Ranch Homeowners Association President- 06′-current

  • Dan Sherman
    Dan Sherman Managing Director of Marketing,, Class of 2013

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  • Derek Hanrahan
    Derek Hanrahan

    Derek Hanrahan: Director of Technology & Business Development, Stay Aspen Snowmass. Derek graduated from RFL in 2013. RFL is important to Derek because there is no such thing as a “born leader”. “For our community to prosper we need to cultivate empowered, educated, impassioned leaders to facilitate and pursue the community’s best interests.” Derek’s slogan for his life “I will not be stopped.”

  • Ellen Spitzbart
    Ellen Spitzbart Sales Manager at RMC, Your Destination Connection, Class of 2013

    Learning about others’ experiences and the knowledge they had gained in RFL inspired Ellen to join. She also wanted to make a difference in her community and to understand what it takes to be a good leader. Ellen moved from the valley shortly after she graduated from RFL but still uses many of the skills she learned in her new role in Denver.

    She believes that effective communication is the most important leadership quality. She believes it can solve so many frustrations and allow you to relate to others. To become an effective leader it is important to recognize that everyone favors different communication styles and to be adaptive to the style of the person with whom you are trying to communicate with.

    Her biggest takeaway from RFL is how to adapt to others personalities and communication styles. She has more patience with others and has found she can avoid conflict by communicating effectively from the start.

  • Erkko Alm
    Erkko Alm Vice President, Alpine Bank, Class of 2013

    Errko wanted to be in RFL to explore new aspects of leadership and to tap into different leadership perspectives from likeminded individuals in the community. Since RFL, Erkko has increased his involvement in the community and takes pride in being a board member for different organizations and volunteering for many events throughout the valley.

    He believes that honesty and the ability to be empathetic are the most important characteristics of a good leader.

    Since his participation in RFL, Erkko has become more aware of his surroundings. He has used the tools he learned in Jonathan Clark’s session to cherish the present moment while consciously creating a better future for himself. This has helped him tremendously in his personal and professional endeavors.

    His community involvement include:

    Carbondale Arts – Board Member – 2012 – 2017
    Carbondale Chamber of Commerce – Board Member – 2016 to present
    Tourism Council of Carbondale – Treasurer – 2017 to present


  • Jim McBreen
    Jim McBreen Supervisor, Construction & Maintenance, White River National Forest, Class of 2013

    Jim was attracted to RLF because of its reputation as an amazing leadership program and he wanted to become more connected to the community, to other leaders in the valley, and to increase his own leadership skills. Jim’s participation in RFL changed his perception of volunteer work from one of “obligation” to one of “appreciation” and it became clear that everyone benefits when caring people take action.

    Jim believes the most important aspect of leadership is only possible when leaders come from an authentic place and are true to themselves. He also believes it is important to be inclusive. “To achieve authentic collaboration, a leader must create an environment that fosters respect, open communication, and inclusiveness.”

    RFL helped to expand Jim’s appreciation for diversity. Communities are stronger when there is a variety of opinions, backgrounds, expertise, and perspectives.




  • Jim Pomeroy
    Jim Pomeroy Code Enforcement, City of Aspen, Class of 2013

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  • Jodi Smith
    Jodi Smith Facilities Superintendent, Pitkin County, Class of 2013

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  • Julie Warren
    Julie Warren CEO at Personal Rehabilitation Center, PC, Class of 2013

    Julie wanted to be a part of RFL to improve her skill set from a business and management perspective and to improve her self-awareness and personal growth. Her involvement in RFL allowed her to realize that she could contribute in meaningful ways to her community. She also acquired an increased awareness of who she is and what her strengths are. She is also able to step out of situations and see the bigger picture instead of getting stuck. She believes that mutual respect and removing emotional reactions and personal biases, especially when the going gets tough, are the most important qualities for true leadership.

    Since being in RFL Julie has contributed to the community by coaching two RFL civic project teams and the Valley Chaos volleyball team for a year. She has also provided a variety of financial donations and support for local community groups.

  • Karen Harrington
    Karen Harrington Director of Quality, City of Aspen, Class of 2013

    Karen joined RFL because she believes that learning and “emerging” as a person is a continuous process. She felt RFL would provide her with an opportunity to explore a variety of ways to think about and explore leadership, connection, effective teams, and use proven leadership skills in novel ways.

    Since she completed RFL, she has been a coach of an RFL civic project team coach. She has also volunteered in her professional field on committees and other groups that promote organizational excellence, such as the Steering Committee for the Lean Six Sigma Consortium of the Alliance for Innovation. It has also helped her to enhance her work as an internal consultant for the city.

    For her, the most important aspects of leadership are integrity, which is essential for positive relationships, and compassion and empathy, so you can understand situations from another’s perspective.

  • Kevin Jordan
    Kevin Jordan Snowmass Children's Program Coordinator and Snowmass Bike Park Bike School Manager, Aspen Skiing Company, Class of 2013

    Other co-workers who had graduated from RFL inspired Kevin to participate in RFL. They had learned some new leadership tools and Kevin loves learning about leadership and improving. RFL surpassed his expectations. While Kevin wishes he could say he is involved in everything in our community RFL taught him to prioritize/manage his time better to be as effective as possible. Leading by example is Kevin’s leadership motto and he believes true leadership involves humility and elevating those around you. Kevin revealed, “RFL gave our civic group a unique opportunity. We learned in a safe environment how to fail. From those experiences we learn.” He calls that “failing forward.”

    Buttermilk Children’s Coordinator – 4 years
    Snowmass Children’s Coordinator – 4 years to present
    Snowmass Bike Park Bike School Manager – 8 years to present

  • Kristine Smith
    Kristine Smith Staff Accountant, Pyramid Property Advisors, Class of 2013

    Kristine had several friends who had been through RFL and their experiences inspired her to participate. Also, her boss (also an alumnus and former board member) encouraged her to apply. She had a great experience. She gained the “skills and confidence to know that one voice with determination can cast a spotlight on an issue and help develop solutions to resolve the problem.”

    For Kristine, the most important aspect of leadership is the ability to listen to other opinions, talk through solutions, and to keep learning.

    Her community involvement includes being on the Pitkin County Advisory Board from 2013 – 2015.


  • Kristy Christensen
    Kristy Christensen City Clerk, City of Rifle, Class of 2013
  • Lynn Rumbaugh
    Lynn Rumbaugh Transportation Program, City of Aspen, Class of 2013

    Lynn was inspired to participate in RFL by colleagues who told her that RFL would push her, make her uncomfortable, and leave her changed for the better. They were right.

    Lynn believes the most important aspect of leadership is “the ability to truly listen to another’s opinion and consider alternate points of view.”

    RFL helped her to grow personally because it pushed her beyond her comfort level in dealing with conflict and in being open and vulnerable with others. She continues to work on these topics by using the tools RFL provided.

    Her community involvement includes:

    Board Member, Kids First
    Board Member, Association for Commuter Transportation

  • M. Bridget Bielinski
    M. Bridget Bielinski Practice Administrator, Aspen Medical Care, PC, Class of 2013

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  • Maureen Stepp
    Maureen Stepp Assistant Dean of Instruction, Colorado Mountain College, Class of 2013

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  • Mitzi Rapkin
    Mitzi Rapkin Community Relations Director, City of Aspen, Class of 2013

    Mitzi is the Community Relations Director for the City of Aspen.

  • Phil Pich
    Phil Pich Operations Manager, Professional Auto Body, Class of 2013

    Phil was inspired to participate in RFL because he wanted to get involved in the community and meet other people in the valley. He also wanted to get out of the day-to-day routine and be able to communicate better.

    Through RFL, he has increased his community involvement and met new people. He feels integrity is the most important quality for leadership.

    His work in the community is still a work in progress!

  • Rebecca Moller
    Rebecca Moller Owner/Contract Paralegal at Roaring Fork Paralegals, LLC, Class of 2013

    Becky is the owner of Roaring Fork Paralegals, LLC and provides contract paralegal services to attorneys in the valley. RFL helped her to make the jump from an employee to self-employment. She wanted to join RFL increase her leadership skills and to meet other leaders in the valley.  She has been a member of the Carbondale Parks and Recreation Commission since 2007 and the chair since 2012. She has also volunteered with Aspen Camp School for the Deaf, Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers, Alpine Legal Services and has been an RFL civic project coach since the class of 2014.

  • Rebecca Paschal
    Rebecca Paschal Operations Supervisor, Alpine Bank, Class of 2013

    Other co-workers from Alpine Bank who had graduated from RFL inspired Rebecca to apply. Through RLF, her confidence increased and she feels she became a stronger positive force in her community. “I see that listening and communication are the most important qualities of leadership. It isn’t about me, it is about how I can help lead others to be their best selves,” said Rebecca. By listening more and being inquisitive, she is creating a future for herself that others want to be part of.

    Other community involvement includes:

    Kids First Advisory Board- 6 years

  • Russell Cluff
    Russell Cluff Building Supervisor/Wheeler Opera House, Class of 2013

    Russell wanted to join RFL to better his skill set and to gain new tools to effectively lead in the workplace. He believes that the most important aspect of leadership is the the ability to actively listen and have the necessary conversations to determine the real underlying issues that are effecting your team or your family.

    His community involvement includes:

    RFL civic project coach – 2018.

  • Sarah Jane Johnson
    Sarah Jane Johnson Owner, SJPR, Class of 2013

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  • Scott Billeisen
    Scott Billeisen Builder, Koru LTD., Class of 2013

    Scott wanted to participate in RFL because it has a great platform to practice and hone the leadership skills he was learning. Also, he loved the idea of working on a team to complete a civic project.

    His participation in RFL lead him to become an RFL civic project team coach for two years and he is involved in coaching children’s athletics.

    He believes the most important aspect of true leadership is to listen. When you truly have a full understanding of a situation and what others are trying to accomplish you then become highly effective in reaching a win/win situation. He also believes solutions present themselves and strong relationships are built on trust and the agreements made by all parties. Finally, understanding the power of spoken and nonverbal language is essential to becoming more effective in your daily life.

    RFL has impacted his personal growth by increasing his ability to empathize and listen to others. He is more engaged in all his interpersonal interactions and takes the time to consider what he is going to say before blurting out a response.

    RFL – Coaching – 2015-2016
    Roaring Fork Lacrosse Association – Coaching – 2012-Present

  • Stuart Fox
    Stuart Fox Treasurer

    Stuart Fox is a Senior Credit Analyst for Alpine Bank. Stuart graduated from RFL in 2013. Stuart believes that RFL creates practical, informed and motivated leaders who quickly and readily plug into the Roaring Fork Valley Community and make daily contributions to making this a wonderful place to work and live! Stuart’s slogan for life: “Enjoy more, worry less and live in the present!”

  • Tony Mendez
    Tony Mendez Student at Vermont Law School, Class of 2013

    A presentation given by the RFL director at a Rotary event inspired Tony to sign up. In RFL, Tony learned that honesty and integrity “are the foundations of a good relationship, whether personal or business.” Because of RFL, Tony is always looking for ways to make an impact in the community. He has learned to value good leaders and identify them.

    Coach, Roaring Fork Leadership, Class of 2016
    Mentor, RFSD Pre-Collegiate Program 2014-2016
    President and Committee Chair, The Rotary Club of Roaring Fork 2014-2016

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