Where are you originally from? Denver, CO

What brought you to the Roaring Fork Valley and how long have you been here? I wanted to live in the mountains, avoid I-70, so moved up here in 2004.

What was your most interesting or unusual job? Teaching Powder Pandas for 7 years after trying to sign my daughter up 2 months too late. Hadn’t taught skiing before ;)

Why did you apply to be in RFL? I’d heard about it from the Romero’s, and hadn’t ever done anything like it, outside of training at General Electric.

How has RFL impacted your life? It has made me more thoughtful across the board, especially in difficult situations. Instead of just responding, trying to understand where the other person or organization is coming from has been tremendously helpful.

What do you think is RFL’s greatest impact on the community? Through experiential learning, RFL has directly contributed to the community through projects, as well as having educated so many community members.

What is your definition of success? Achieving your goal.

What are you most proud of in the last year? A successful joint business venture and a daughter going to college :)

What do regret not doing in the last year? Not riding my bike as much as I’d hoped.

What’s something you want to do in the next year that you’ve never done before? Ride in another state.

What’s the best advice you ever heard? Don’t take yourself too seriously.

What would you say to someone contemplating applying for RFL? It is possibly one of the most trans-formative, satisfying things you will ever do and it will lead to even greater things.