With the combined efforts of Rainy Day Designs and The Aspen Times, RFL launched an ad campaign called ‘Faces of Leadership’ to highlight the efforts of our alumni. We know you are all making a difference in the community, and this campaign is a way for us to recognize graduates, acknowledge our sponsors, and increase the organization’s exposure in the community.

So if you know of an alumni that you think should be highlighted, send an email to Andrea Palm-Porter.

Click on the alumni’s name to see their ad.

George Newman – Founder

Sue Smedstad – Founder

Tim Cottrell – Founder & Class of 1989

Tom Baker – Class of 1990

Rachel Richards – Class of 1991

Nan Sundeen – Class of 1993

T. Michael Manchester – Class of 1995

Rick & Virginia Newton – Class of 1995 & 1998

Michael Hassig – Class of 1997

Jim Laing – Class of 1997

Sarah Shaw – Class of 1998

Sloan Shoemaker – Class of 1999

Doug Graybeal – Class of 2000

Cristal Logan – Class of 2000

Dwayne and Margaret Romero – Class of 2001 & 2005

Amy Capron – Class of 2001

Dave Sturges – Class of 2001

Jacque Whitsitt – Class of 2001

Russ Criswell – Class of 2002

Luis Polar -Class of 2003

Brad Manosevitz – Class of 2006

Wendy Aresty – Class of 2006

Michelle Lefebvre – Class of 2008





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