• A.J. Hobbs
    A.J. Hobbs Math Teacher, Yampah Mountain High School, Class of 2015

    A.J. grew up in the Roaring Fork Valley and attended Basalt High School where he served as Student Body President for the 2003/2004 school year. A.J. received a B.S. in Civil Engineering and Water Resources from the University of Colorado, Boulder and participated in the CU Gold Leadership program while attending school. A natural leader, A.J. was interested in learning collaboration skills and tools to resolve conflicts. He sat on the Carbondale Board of Trustees, a dynamic testing lab where he could put his newfound RFL skills to use.

  • Alyssa Reindel
    Alyssa Reindel Owner at EverGreen Events

    Alyssa graduated from the University of Colorado in 2003 with a degree in Anthropology. Alyssa has really enjoyed the past 4 years as the vendor coordinator and event organizer for Carbondale’s Dandelion Day. As a volunteer, she has helped to create an event that celebrates sustainability, community, and spring. With close to 70 vendors, 2014 was the biggest celebration yet! Alyssa felt that RFL was the place that will allow her to feel like a more competent, effective leader and expected to be able to better present herself to the community and her clients. Once she feels that she is able to more clearly convey her thoughts, she wants to consider taking larger steps to guide Carbondale.

  • Andy Rossello
    Andy Rossello Utilities Engineer with City of Aspen.

    Andy is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown and has been in the Roaring Fork Valley for the last 8 years.  Andy is an Engineer and his position with the City of Aspen is focused on Water Resources and Environmental Engineering.  Andy was already deeply involved in the community before joining RLF, participating in nonprofit organizations and events up and down the valley including Five Point Film Festival, Dandelion Days, Mountain Fair, Roaring Fork Conservancy and Roaring Fork Collaboration.  Andy was excited to use his time in RFL to gain new leadership and communication skills and find additional ways to make an impact in the community.

  • Caitlyn Cunningham
    Caitlyn Cunningham Housing Office - City of Aspen

    Caitlyn has a BA from Colorado State University. She volunteers for the Women Who Care program and the Aspen Young Professionals group. She was attracted to RFL by a number of past graduates who told her how they had grown personally and professionally as a result of participating in the program. Caitlyn looked forward to how the program would enhance her personal leadership skills.

  • Casey Leach
    Casey Leach

    Senior Sales Manager at Aspen Skiing Company. Casey has a BS in Music from Pacific Union College. After hearing from several previous RFL grads what a great experience it was, she looked forward to the class sessions helping with her personal growth, and giving her leadership experience that will be useful day to day.

  • Cathy Hall
    Cathy Hall Solid Waste Manager for Pitkin County

    Cathy holds a degree in Geology from Ohio State and an MBA from the University of Maryland. As the manager at the Pitkin County Landfill, Cathy stepped in and made an immediate impact. She was also ready to tackle the Roaring Fork Leadership program. She hoped to build her skills as a leader and help create empowered and successful employees. Cathy understands the economic dynamics of the community and is ready to try and make an impact in the areas of local healthcare and housing.

  • Claude Salter
    Claude Salter Zoning Officer, City of Aspen, Class of 2015

    Claude Salter: Zoning Officer with the City of Aspen. Claude is a world traveler, outdoor enthusiast and has volunteered for the Aspen Recreation Center and Aspen Elementary School. She was referred to RFL by her co-workers and saw the potential for growth, learning and making new connections in the Valley. Her goals for the program included becoming a better listener and acquiring a better understanding of the larger community.

  • Dana Wood
    Dana Wood LiveWell Garfield County Coordinator, Class of 2015

    Dana has been living in the valley for 4 years. Dana graduated from Western Michigan University in 2006. Her background involves nonprofit marketing and community development. What attracted Dana to RFL was her passion working with teams on projects that make a difference and a lasting impression in her community. In the program, she was looking to make valuable connections and relationships with others that will help strengthen her own skill set. Dana also sits on the Rifle City Council.

  • Dustin Havel
    Dustin Havel Assistant Aviation Director- Operations and Facilities at Pitkin County Airport

    Dustin has a Bachelors Degree in Computer Information Systems and Aviation Technology as well as a Masters in Aviation Safety. Dustin started with Pitkin County Airport eight years ago in an entry-level position and now oversees a staff of 15 people! Dustin is a natural leader and was excited to become a more effective and organized manager. Dustin had heard great reviews of the program from other alumni and had been interested in RFL for several years. When he finally decided to dive in, he was excited to find new opportunities to get involved in the community and will surely make a positive impact similar to what he has done at our local airport.

  • Emily Taylor
    Emily Taylor Executive Director for the Woody Creek Community Center, Class of 2015

    Emily has been in the Roaring Fork Valley since 2012 and graduated from Pomona College with a B.A. in Studio Art. She served on the Woody Creek District Planning Commission in 2013-14. She’s been member of AYPA since 2013. She became interested in RFL after a “sparking” conversation with an RFL alumni. As for what she hoped to gain from RFL, Emily expected to be part of a process; “I expected to grow, learn, and change – and I expected that part of what happened would be unpredictable.” Emily felt that the program exceeded all of her expectations. She not only met incredible people in valley, she also grew as a professional and as an individual. From emotional intelligence to communicating while in conflict (Crucial Coversations), many of the seminars provided skill sets that Emily took immediately to her job and personal life.

  • Genna Moe
    Genna Moe Audience Service Manager, Wheeler Opera House, Class of 2015

    Genna Moe: is the Audience Services Manager at the Wheeler Opera House in Aspen.  She has a Bachelor of Art & Sciences from U. of Washington, and a Master of Arts Administration from the University of Denver.  Genna is on the Board of Directors for the Aspen Young Professionals Association and wants to see ways that RFL classes can help her influence the evolution of that organization.  She expected to gain knowledge that pertains to critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and engaging diverse perspectives.

  • Ian Bays
    Ian Bays Vice President, Alpine Bank, Class of 2015

    Ian Bays is the Vice President at Alpine Bank in Carbondale. Ian graduated from Teikyo Loretto Heights in Denver (accredited through the University of Colorado) in 1995). He spent time abroad for 6 six years teaching English and running an SAT preparatory program in Japan. His involvement in the community includes being on the board for the Carbondale Rotary Club and the Carbondale Senior Housing Authority. Ian hoped to learn more ways in the RFL program to leverage his personal strengths as a leader.

  • Isaac Ellis
    Isaac Ellis Project Manager, Hansen Construction, Class of 2015

    Isaac Ellis: Isaac is currently working as a project manager for Hansen Construction. Isaac was attracted to RFL because of its focus on accountability. Leadership is the accountability for not only oneself but for those that you intend to help within the community. Isaac developed a greater connection to the leadership in the Roaring Fork Valley business community, and engage in further projects. Isaac has worked in the solar industry for 10 years and has a BA in Ecological Design and Sustainability from Prescott College in AZ. He has also been a Big Buddy for the Buddy Program for the past 3 years and a supporter and member of CCAH and KDNK.

  • Jason Sewell
    Jason Sewell Resource Manager/Owner, Sunfire Ranch, Class of 2015

    Jason Sewell: Resource Manager/Owner at Sunfire Ranch in Carbondale. Jason has a BA in Business Management from Ft. Lewis College in Durango.  He’s also on the board of directors for Thompson Divide Coalition and Houses for Higher Education. He also serves on the Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District Task Force Committee. Jason came to RFL with the idea that he could grow from the experiences both as an employer and human being. He expected to gain insight into his strengths and non-strengths to become a better-rounded individual.

  • Jonathan Godes
    Jonathan Godes Executive Director, Early Childhood Network, Class of 2015

    Jonathan Godes is the Executive Director of Early Childhood Network. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Northern Iowa and MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management. Jonathan is involved with the Carbondale and Rifle Chamber of Commerce. Jonathan came to RFL to find new challenges and increase his effectiveness as a leader. He was looking for new ideas and practices in order to build and maintain relationships, create systems, and influence staff and external stakeholders.

  • Joshua Kirrinkol
    Joshua Kirrinkol Aspen Museum and The Caribou Club

    Joshua hails from Kenya and the Masaai Tribe.  Joshua studied International Business and Hotel Tourism in Switzerland before moving to the US.  Joshua was committed to helping preserve and foster the rich history and culture of the Masaai people and provided RFL with a truly different perspective. Joshua looked forward to working in the Roaring Fork community to increase awareness around cultural and individual diversity as well as contributing further to his work with the Masaai Heritage Foundation.  Joshua was a great listener and “connector” and he enjoyed participating in the program.

  • Kara Silbernagel
    Kara Silbernagel Management Analyst at Pitkin County

    Management Analyst at Pitkin County.  Kara graduated from University of Denver in 2006 with a degree in Statistics. She is in process of completing her Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning and Public Affairs.  Kara recently moved to the valley after working for several years in environmental advocacy in several locales around the west.  Kara has seen firsthand the benefits of leadership training through supervisors that have participated in Leadership Denver. She brings a collaborative approach to leadership and understands the power of communication and human connection in solving problems and making a difference.  Kara was excited to both learn and lead by example in RFL as she connects deeper with her fellow RFL classmates.

  • Kari Redman
    Kari Redman Real Estate

    Kari Redman is a new resident of Aspen, and has been “blown away” by the sense of community in the Roaring Fork Valley. She volunteered as a coach for her kids sports teams, and hopes to broaden her knowledge about non-profit opportunities in the Roaring Fork Valley, and ways to best serve her new community. Kari wanted to understand where her talents can best be utilized and to broaden and polish her skills to lead effectively.

  • Kathryn Trauger
    Kathryn Trauger City Council and Teacher

    Kathryn Trauger is an Accounting Tech III at Colorado Mountain College. She has been very involved in her City of Glenwood Springs government and is currently the Chair of the Planning & Zoning Commission. Kathryn expected the RFL program to help her learn more about critical thinking and evaluation skills and also wanted to improve her oral communication skills, her ability to think on her feet and be able to relay ideas in a succinct, understandable way.

  • Kelcey Nichols
    Kelcey Nichols Attorney, Wood Nichols, LLC, Class of 2015

    Kelcey Nichols: Kelcey Nichols: Kelcey is an attorney and partner at Wood Nichols, LLC. Kelcey grew up in the Roaring Fork Valley and is grateful to Roaring Fork Leadership for helping her find productive ways to use her skills for the benefit of her community. In addition to working with local property owners, businesses and non-profits, Kelcey is currently leading a pro-bono project with the Acequia Project to help low-income community members in southern Colorado maintain their water rights. She is also a board member of CLEER (Clean Energy Economy for the Region) and a member of the Mt. Sopris Rotary Club. She is a graduate of the University of Washington School of Law and Barnard College, Columbia University.

  • Lucy Kessler
    Lucy Kessler Communication and Outreach Manager for Community Office of Resource Efficiency (CORE), Class of 2015

    A graduate of Colorado College with a degree in Biology, Lucy is already proving to be a dynamic leader and is taking on the most pressing issue of our time- global climate change. She has worked at the state and national levels as a member of the Energy and Environment team for the Obama campaign in 2012 and for the American Renewable Energy Day (AREDAY) summit in Aspen. At CORE, Lucy works to advance sustainability in the Roaring Fork Valley through engaging and educating the community to save energy, reduce waste and conserve water. Roaring Fork Leadership was a chance for Lucy to develop her confidence, improve her communication techniques and hone her leadership skills.

  • Mandy Fraylick
    Mandy Fraylick Physical Therapist, Personal Rehabilitation Center, Class of 2015

    Mandy Fraylick is a Physical Therapist. She’s worked at Craig Hospital in Denver, in New Zealand and in Antarctica. Mandy has organized a free community bike fit event and intends to join and get involved in more organizations. Mandy inspires to create a group of health care practitioners interested in educating the community on preventative health care awareness. Overall, she hoped to gain skills that could help her deal with challenging issues.

  • Martha Rose
    Martha Rose Property Services Analyst at Aspen Skiing Company

    Martha studied Education at Keene State College in New Hampshire, which led to a lifelong pursuit of education in ski instructing, customer service and facilities management. Over the past 20 years she’s bounced in and out of leadership roles, most recently serving on the board of the Carbondale Soccer Club. She felt her leadership skill set needed a good tune up and she expected to gain better leadership skills, learn what steps she can take to strengthen herself, and gain confidence that she still had the potential to lead.

  • Megan Shean
    Megan Shean Regional Director – Development at Rocky Mountain Institute

    Megan has a B.A. from Santa Clara University. Megan has been in the valley for 8 years and had heard great things about the RFL program. Megan was drawn to RFL to find opportunities where she can grow professionally and personally. Megan was looking to gain insight into different leadership styles, a better outlook, and new techniques and strategies for group dynamics and overcoming challenges.

  • Natalie Travers
    Natalie Travers Program Manager, Aspen Challenge, a program of Aspen Institute, Class of 2015

    As Program Manager at the Aspen Institute, Natalie is currently working on the Aspen Challenge, a program that provides inspiration and a platform for high school students across the country to realize their potential and design solutions to critical real-world issues. She has honed the tools she gained through RFL to help her analyze situations that call for positive leadership as the Aspen Challenge expands from LA, Denver, and DC to Chicago and beyond. The team-based experience of RFL complemented her application to graduate school, and in the summer of 2015 she started Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business Cross-Content MBA program.

  • Patty Kravitz
    Patty Kravitz Project Coordinator, Pitkin County, Class of 2015

    Patty Kravitz: Project Coordinator for Pitkin County Senior Services. Patty has a Masters of Social Work from the University of Denver and a BA in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. She has been involved in the community through volunteering with Homecare and Hospice of the Valley, homeless shelter at St. Mary’s, her HOA and enjoys politics. Patty defines “leadership” as an ability to bring people together and guide them towards a shared goal.  She looked forward to doing her part in the community and making it incredible.

  • Rachel Hadley
    Rachel Hadley Marketing Consultant, Class of 2015

    Rachel Hadley has her own marketing consultant business in the Roaring Fork Valley. She has a BA in Advertising from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Rachel expected to become more self-aware of the skills she has, what she could improve on, and what she has never thought about when it comes to leadership. She also expected to deepen her roots in the Roaring Fork Valley by being more involved and making an impact!

  • Riley Evans
    Riley Evans Class of 2015, Director of Finance, Snowmass Mountain Lodging

    Riley has a B.S. in Business Administration-Finance from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Riley volunteers for the Buddy program. After learning about the RFL Program from previous graduates, he looked forward to meeting like minded individuals, exploring leadership skills, and becoming a better leader in all facets of his life.

  • Robert Glover
    Robert Glover Project Manager, Shaw Construction, Class of 2015

    Robert Glover: is a Project Manager for Shaw Construction, with a BS in Civil Engineering from Metro State.  He has been involved with Catholic Outreach in Grand Junction, including volunteering at the soup kitchen and performing construction services for their Veteran, Homeless, and Affordable Housing programs.  After learning about RFL from a previous graduate, Robert not only wants to hone his leadership skills but also wants to make a positive impact on the individuals he works with and communities he works in.

  • Roy Brandt
    Roy Brandt CEO, Brandt Interactive, Class of 2015

    Roy Brandt: CEO of Brandt Interactive. Roy came to RFL to be more connected to the Valley in future leadership positions. Roy’s background includes being a professor and student at Colorado Mountain College, a consultant on website design, graphic design, and marketing. Roy wanted to learn more about communication and how it could work better in institutional and corporate settings. His most fulfilling leadership experience has been working with students at CMC that have come to him for advice on their careers and lives. Building those relationships has been very special for him.

  • Ryan Jarvis
    Ryan Jarvis Ryan Jarvis is an Associate Attorney at Beattie, Chadwick & Houpt

    Ryan graduated magna cum laude from Seattle University School of Law.   He was a Volunteer Pro Bono Attorney at Alpine Legal Service, its mission is to ensure access to justice for low-income residents in the Valley. Ryan was attracted to RFL by rave reviews of the program from graduates. He expected the RFL program to help him gain an understanding of various leadership styles and to be a platform which will help launch his future community involvement.

  • Samuel Baucum
    Samuel Baucum Architect, Bluegreen, Class of 2015

    Samuel Baucum works for Bluegreen Design Studio, and has a Master of Landscape Architecture degree from Louisiana State U. Sam is fairly new to the valley, and he has often heard the RFL program referred to by graduates with widely different personalities, who all speak highly and very personally about their experience of RFL. He looked forward to the opportunity to learn more about himself and is eager to see his personal journey unfold organically.

  • Scott McHale
    Scott McHale Senior Project Manager with Rowland + Broughton Architecture

    Scott has been in the valley for 14 years. He received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Virginia Tech. Scott has been very involved in volunteering in our community, most recently as a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, designing several homes in Rifle, Silt and Carbondale, as well as a potential daycare/multi-family complex in Basalt.  He learned of RFL through co-workers and other professional circles, and it fits very well with his belief that strong, active leadership creates and supports thriving communities. Through his life experiences and professional experiences he has become a strong manager but wants to develop better leadership qualities.

  • Susan Merritt
    Susan Merritt Relief Supervisor at Roaring Fork Transit Authority (RFTA)

    Susan has an associate degree in Medical Assisting and has been with RFTA for over 15 years. She was ecstatic when she was nominated for the RFL program and looked to learn more about herself as a leader and to make RFTA a great place to work (she already loves it there). Susan was also excited to meet other leaders in different industries. She believed it was important for businesses in our area to work together to create unity for employees and make it a better valley for all who live and work here. Susan also believes that knowledge is power and you must be willing to learn.

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