Roaring Fork Leadership began in 1988 with the first “Class” of intrepid community members experiencing for the first time the power of learning leadership with other diverse, engaged and committed community members. Each fall since then, a new class has joined together for a weekend retreat to launch their transformative year of learning and relationship building.

Since 1988, the number who have participated in Leadership Aspen and Roaring Fork Leadership has grown to OVER 700, and 80% still live in the Roaring Fork Valley! The new Class will add 39 more community members who will benefit from the skills and relationships nurtured in the year long program.

  • A.J. Hobbs
    A.J. Hobbs Math Teacher, Yampah Mountain High School, Class of 2015
  • Aaron Hoover
    Aaron Hoover
  • Abbey Pascoe
    Abbey Pascoe Business Specialist II, Roaring Fork Transportation Authority, Class of 2016
  • Alex Burchetta
    Alex Burchetta Director of Operations, Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office, Class of 2016
  • Ali Marshall
    Ali Marshall Executive Assistant, Reese Henry & Co., Class of 2016
  • Alice Hackney
    Alice Hackney
  • Alyssa Reindel
    Alyssa Reindel Owner at EverGreen Events
  • Amber Wissing
    Amber Wissing Business Manger, Cory Johnson, DDS, Class of 2016
  • Andrea Palm-Porter
    Andrea Palm-Porter
  • Andrea Pazdera
    Andrea Pazdera
  • Andrew Vick
    Andrew Vick President
  • Andy Rossello
    Andy Rossello Utilities Engineer with City of Aspen.
  • Angilina Taylor
    Angilina Taylor Footwear Designer & Director, Buckaroo Studios, Class of 2016
  • Brian Grefe
    Brian Grefe
  • Brynn Flaherty
    Brynn Flaherty Brynn is the Director of Search Marketing, Blue Tent, Class of 2016
  • Caitlyn Cunningham
    Caitlyn Cunningham Housing Office - City of Aspen
  • Carole Huey
    Carole Huey
  • Carrie Fleischman
    Carrie Fleischman Business Process Analyst, Pitkin County, Class of 2016
  • Casey Leach
    Casey Leach
  • Cathy Hall
    Cathy Hall Solid Waste Manager for Pitkin County
  • Cindy Hirschfeld
    Cindy Hirschfeld Editor in Chief at Aspen Sojourner, Class of 2016
  • Claude Salter
    Claude Salter Zoning Officer, City of Aspen, Class of 2015
  • Collina Washington
    Collina Washington
  • Collina Washington
    Collina Washington
  • Cory Potter
    Cory Potter
  • Dana Wood
    Dana Wood LiveWell Garfield County Coordinator, Class of 2015
  • David Gray
    David Gray
  • Derek Hanrahan
    Derek Hanrahan
  • Dustin Havel
    Dustin Havel Assistant Aviation Director- Operations and Facilities at Pitkin County Airport
  • Emily Burr
    Emily Burr Development Officer for Aspen Music Festival and School, Class of 2016
  • Emily Taylor
    Emily Taylor Executive Director for the Woody Creek Community Center, Class of 2015
  • Erin Barr
    Erin Barr Assistant General Manager, The Gant, Class of 2016
  • Erin Hutchings
    Erin Hutchings
  • Evan Zislis
    Evan Zislis
  • G. R. Fielding
    G. R. Fielding
  • Genevieve Villamizar
    Genevieve Villamizar
  • Genna Moe
    Genna Moe Audience Service Manager, Wheeler Opera House, Class of 2015
  • Hunter Causey
    Hunter Causey Water Resources Engineer for the Colorado River Water Conservation District, Class of 2016
  • Ian Bays
    Ian Bays Vice President, Alpine Bank, Class of 2015
  • Isaac Ellis
    Isaac Ellis Project Manager, Hansen Construction, Class of 2015
  • Jamie Britt
    Jamie Britt
  • Jane Lanter
    Jane Lanter
  • Jason Sewell
    Jason Sewell Resource Manager/Owner, Sunfire Ranch, Class of 2015
  • Jed Miller
    Jed Miller
  • Jessica Cabe
    Jessica Cabe Arts and Entertainment Editor for the Glenwood Springs Post Independent, Class of 2016
  • Joe Enzer
    Joe Enzer Superintendent with RA Nelson Construction, Class of 2016
  • John Varghese
    John Varghese
  • Jonathan Godes
    Jonathan Godes Executive Director, Early Childhood Network, Class of 2015
  • Jose Miranda
    Jose Miranda
  • Joshua Kirrinkol
    Joshua Kirrinkol Aspen Museum and The Caribou Club
  • Julie Kieffer
    Julie Kieffer
  • Justin Barker
    Justin Barker City Planner, City of Aspen, Class of 2016
  • Kara Silbernagel
    Kara Silbernagel Management Analyst at Pitkin County
  • Karen Barbee
    Karen Barbee
  • Karen Schroyer
    Karen Schroyer District Ranger, White River National Forest, Class of 2016
  • Kari Redman
    Kari Redman Real Estate
  • Katherine Cloud
    Katherine Cloud
  • Kathryn Trauger
    Kathryn Trauger City Council and Teacher
  • Keith Bulicz
    Keith Bulicz Recreation Supervisor & Athletic Director, City of Aspen, Class of 2016
  • Kelcey Nichols
    Kelcey Nichols Attorney, Wood Nichols, LLC, Class of 2015
  • Kelly Cave
    Kelly Cave Assistant County Attorney, Garfield County, Class of 2016
  • Kelly Keeffe
    Kelly Keeffe Regional Oral Health Consultant, Aspen to Parachute Dental Health Alliance, Class of 2016
  • Kevin Akin
    Kevin Akin Airport Operations Officer, Pitkin County, Class of 2015
  • Kim DuBois
    Kim DuBois Adult & Family Services Manager, Pitkin County, Class of 2016
  • Kirsten Michel
    Kirsten Michel Writing & Event Specialist, 8.31 Productions, Class of 2016
  • Lesley Hunt
    Lesley Hunt Physical Therapist Owner/Operator, Class of 2016
  • Lisa Hamilton
    Lisa Hamilton
  • Lisa Jennings
    Lisa Jennings Group Sales Manager, Frias Properties of Aspen, Class of 2016
  • Lori Mueller
    Lori Mueller
  • Lucy Kessler
    Lucy Kessler Communication and Outreach Manager for Community Office of Resource Efficiency (CORE), Class of 2015
  • Lucy Laffoon
    Lucy Laffoon Attorney, Laffoon Legal Services, LLC, Class of 2016
  • Mandy Fraylick
    Mandy Fraylick Physical Therapist, Personal Rehabilitation Center, Class of 2015
  • Martha Rose
    Martha Rose Property Services Analyst at Aspen Skiing Company
  • Matt Mullally
    Matt Mullally Database & Sharepoint Manager, RFTA, Class of 2016
  • Megan Shean
    Megan Shean Regional Director – Development at Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Meiying Li
    Meiying Li Operations Supervisor, Alpine Bank, Class of 2016
  • Michael Lowe
    Michael Lowe
  • Michelle Holder
    Michelle Holder Management Analyst, City of Aspen, Class of 2016
  • Natalie Travers
    Natalie Travers Program Manager, Aspen Challenge, a program of Aspen Institute, Class of 2015
  • Nick Neblett
    Nick Neblett CEO, Tate Angling Equipment, Class of 2016
  • Patrick Kiernan
    Patrick Kiernan
  • Patty Kravitz
    Patty Kravitz Project Coordinator, Pitkin County, Class of 2015
  • Rachel Hadley
    Rachel Hadley Marketing Consultant, Class of 2015
  • Rebecca Wallace
    Rebecca Wallace Operations Manager, Community Development Department, City of Aspen, Class of 2016
  • Richard Goulding
    Richard Goulding Founder and Owner of Roaring Fork Engineering, Class of 2016
  • Riley Evans
    Riley Evans Class of 2015, Director of Finance, Snowmass Mountain Lodging
  • Robert Glover
    Robert Glover Project Manager, Shaw Construction, Class of 2015
  • Roy Brandt
    Roy Brandt CEO, Brandt Interactive, Class of 2015
  • Ryan Jarvis
    Ryan Jarvis Ryan Jarvis is an Associate Attorney at Beattie, Chadwick & Houpt
  • Ryan Walterscheid
    Ryan Walterscheid
  • Sam Meyer
    Sam Meyer
  • Samuel Baucum
    Samuel Baucum Architect, Bluegreen, Class of 2015
  • Sara Nadolny
    Sara Nadolny
  • Sarah Pegler
    Sarah Pegler Property Manager, Pyramid Property Advisors, Class of 2016
  • Scott McHale
    Scott McHale Senior Project Manager with Rowland + Broughton Architecture
  • Shannon Needell
    Shannon Needell
  • Shelbi Bauer
    Shelbi Bauer Banking Officer, Alpine Bank, Class of 2016
  • Steve Sand
    Steve Sand Owner and Business Coach, Steve Sand LLC, Class of 2016
  • Susan Merritt
    Susan Merritt Relief Supervisor at Roaring Fork Transit Authority (RFTA)
  • Theresa Rumery
    Theresa Rumery
  • Tish Filiss
    Tish Filiss Office Manager and Co-Owner at Divide Creek Builders, Class of 2016
  • Travis Stewart
    Travis Stewart
  • William Dolan
    William Dolan
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