What People are Saying about RFL

  • In living in integrity, connecting, and pulling the RFL program into every aspect of my life, I will always remember the boundless value of fresh ideas from outside parties, and the benefits of feedback. I challenge myself daily with this knowledge, to grow... to transform... and to ultimately be a more active influence in our community.

    Christina Brusig
    Christina Brusig Class of 2012
  • RFL has opened so many doors for learning. I don't think the learning or transformation ever stops!

    Jennifer Dolecki-Smith
    Jennifer Dolecki-Smith Landscape Architect, Escape Garden Design, LLC, Class of 2007
  • My life has accelerated in terms of commitment, taking action, taking risks, being proactive, trying different behavior to attain results, treating people differently, joining new organizations, taking new classes, and being more accountable for my perceptions of individuals, organizations, and events.

    Gordon Ledingham
    Gordon Ledingham Senior Relationship Manager, Wells Fargo, Class of 2007
  • “I actually learned more about myself in the RFL 9 month program than in my academic career.  RFL exposes you to tools and then gives you the opportunity to put those tools into practice in both your personal and your professional life.  My particular experience with RFL is best exemplified in a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson, ‘Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.’ “

    Kevin Jordan
    Kevin Jordan Snowmass Children's Coordinator, Aspen Skiing Company, Class of 2013
  • "My idea of leadership has changed significantly after attending RFL. I always thought of a leader as someone being in charge and whom we might see heading companies or organizations. While this is true, leadership opportunities are abundant. We see leader in our families, friends, schools, etc. I realize that how I show up each day matters. I am a critical force and model for change and well being in my community, whether it be at work or home."

    Jamie Britt
    Jamie Britt RN, Family Visitor Programs, Class of 2014
  • RFL has made a profound impact on my personal life and view of the world.

    Sarah Laverty Manager, Bio-Logical Capital, Class of 2007
  • Through RFL, I've met people in the valley who share my concern for quality-of-life and my desire to participate in creating a community that works to make life here better.

    Barry Crook
    Barry Crook Assistant to City Manager, City of Aspen, Class of 2007
  • Professionally, RFL has given me confidence to fully apply myself in different business situations and at work. And it has introduced me to a diverse and amazing group of leaders, thinkers, and classmates.

    Erin Lentz Editor in Chief, Aspen Peak Magazine, Class of 2007
  • RFL had a huge influence on my life by showing me things about myself and others that I'd ignored or failed to recognize before. I honestly think that I see the world in a different way now. I find myself quoting things I learned during RFL seminars each and every day.

    Lauren Yant Account Manager, Richter7, Class of 2007
  • "Through awareness I can make the most effective change in myself. Changing my perception will have far greater results than trying to change my behavior."

    Melanie Doskocil
    Melanie Doskocil Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, Class of 2008
  • "Roaring Fork Leadership's program has given me the skills, tools, and confidence to accomplish almost anything I apply myself to. The program should come with a warning label "Warning - this class could change your life forever!"

    Brad Manosevitz
    Brad Manosevitz CGTV Station Manager, GrassRoots TV, Class of 2006
  • My initial motivation when I signed up for RFL was to develop skills that would improve my leadership within my business and career.  Although I achieved that goal, it turned out not to be the most valuable outcome from my participation in this program.  The greater benefit, for me, is the increased self awareness that I gained allowing me to become a more effective leader in my own life.  This carries over into my relationships, my participation in community and in the priorities I set for myself.  It truly has been a life changing experience!

    Julie Warren
    Julie Warren Personal Rehabilitation Center, PC, Class of 2013
  • I joined RFL to learn more about other people and how to lead them. Instead, I learned about myself and how to have better relationships, which I think is the foundation of all we do as leaders.

    Jenny Lyons
    Jenny Lyons Development Officer, Aspen Music Festival and School, Class of 2006
  • RFL had a profound impact on my life, both professionally and personally.  Initially, I expected to broaden my network and maybe learn a thing or two in the process, but it turned out to be so much more!  I use the tools I learned in the RFL program everyday!

    Jake Allen
    Jake Allen Class of 2012
  • Instituting a culture of giving back to your community may be RFL’s greatest gift to the community.  Once an individual sees the impact they can have on a non-profit through individual leadership skills developed at RFL, this volunteer spirit becomes a part of the person’s identity.  Volunteering then becomes a part of a person’s daily life as they move through the generational stages.

    Scott Gordon
    Scott Gordon Class of 1994
  • RFL’s program is unique in our valley—there is no such program that covers the extent of leadership training that RFL does.  My company Bluegreen—a landscape architecture and planning studio—uses the RFL program as a core component of our employee training curriculum, and so do many other organizations.  As a business, we have found no better or more cost effective way for our employees to gain invaluable skills that they apply daily in the studio.  As individuals, our employees become more connected to our community.

    Sheri Sanzone
    Sheri Sanzone Principle, Bluegreen, Class of 2000
  • For many, RFL was an opportunity to hone skills that they had been developing for many years.  For others, it allowed them to explore new possibilities.  The aspect of leadership that is fundamental to this program and which brings me the most joy and satisfaction is that of service.  The contributions to the community over the years, not only from class projects, but the thousands of service hours given by graduates to hundreds of community projects and organizations are gifts that continue to give over time.  As a founder and past president of Leadership Aspen, I am profoundly grateful and very proud of the alumni of this extraordinary program.

    Sue Smedstad
    Sue Smedstad Founder
  • RFL is an opportunity, a door, to what you want for your future and for the future of the community you live it. So I ask people – “what kind of community do you want to live in, what does that look like?” People often have the same answers, and it involves what you’re willing to put into it. RFL and 25 years of alumni can give you the tools and support, but it is a commitment. So is life – so what do you want to put into it?

    Shirley Ritter
    Shirley Ritter Director, Kids First, Class of 2003
  • “RFL helped me listen and build relationships more effectively—to build connections between people who are politically diverse or philosophically opposed. It works in my personal life, my professional life and in my civic involvement. It will work for anyone who wants to make a difference.”

    Dwayne Romero
    Dwayne Romero The Romero Group, RFL Class of 2000
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