We can easily measure the impact RFL has on the participants, but the impact that the individual then makes on their organization or the community is more difficult. One key impact we discovered that we deliver to the community is individuals who ‘think differently’ about themselves and their role within the community. The model that best frames this transformation:


By attending RFL people transform their thinking from being an individual living within a community, to being part of, and therefore having some responsibility for, the whole community. The following 2 points represent key indicators that were gleaned from surveys conducted at the beginning and end of the program for the recent graduating class of 2014

  • Participants have an increased responsibility for issues affecting their community and feel community problems are their responsibility
  • Participants are more willing to lead a community group focused on making an impact, run for political office and are also more willing to lead a group or initiative at work.

We have consistently seen this same ‘shift’ in thinking from our graduates for the past 6 years.

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